Comeback: Crocs Trend 2023: Why this shoe is becoming this year's must-have

Actually, Crocs only have advantages: the pair is light, weighing only around 170 grams.

Comeback: Crocs Trend 2023: Why this shoe is becoming this year's must-have

Actually, Crocs only have advantages: the pair is light, weighing only around 170 grams. It is waterproof. Bacteria and fungi cannot settle so easily. This makes the shoe more hygienic and less prone to odor than other plastic shoes. But the emphasis is on: actually. The shoe would be perfect if it weren't for the following problem: Because of its appearance, it's not particularly popular with fashion-conscious people. That's why the Croc rarely found its way out of the musty garden and into a cool bar or busy café. So far, Crocs have not been chic enough for leisure activities outside of the private realm. Exactly: so far! Around 20 years after the invention, some fashionistas are proving that Crocs can still be cool.

The slipper-like shoes were first launched in the USA in 2002, and three years later also in Germany. Back then, Crocs Inc. from Boulder, Colorado, promised to be the biggest shoe success story since Nike. But then nothing happened for years. The Croc threatened to become a "one-shoe wonder". The shoes disappeared in the closet and were only taken out again for gardening. Crocs stock also fell. While it was still worth 75 US dollars in autumn 2007, it was only 2.60 in June 2009, as the "Süddeutsche" wrote at the time. But apparently the Crocs are celebrating a real comeback in 2023: The stock is currently at a value of 124.43 US dollars (as of January 24, 2023).

The reason for the recurring hype could be the surprising cooperation between Crocs and the luxury brand Balenciaga. In 2017, the brands released joint models – including handbags. In addition, the colorful shoe pins, which can be used to decorate the Crocs' holes, seem to be popular. In addition, there are now lined Crocs and different models in a number of colors. The star shows what the market has to offer.

If you want to do without frills, you should rely on the classic Crocs. They are available in a number of colours. Some are reminiscent of toxic cocktails, others of sweet cotton candy. Whether with jogging pants or suit pants suitable for the office - with the bright kicks the outfit becomes an eye-catcher.

If you like it cuddly and cozy, you should get the lined Crocs. The light slippers are already incredibly comfortable, but with the fluffy footbed, the shoe is simply unbeatable when it comes to comfort. Best of all: the lined croc provides enough warmth on cold days and can still be worn even then.

If you want to make a statement, grab printed Crocs. The unusual shoes are available in a number of designs: with dots, patches, patterns

The pins to decorate the holes of the Crocs are popular with children and adults. There are no limits here. Holiday motifs, unicorns, letters - there is nothing that does not exist. The small motifs can be easily exchanged when you have had enough of them. You can get the cute badges for little money in a number of online shops. For a change, it doesn't have to be a new pair of shoes.

If around 40 euros is too expensive for original Crocs, you can fall back on cheaper alternatives. Many manufacturers offer models that are confusingly similar to the Crocs. However, they only cost around 15 euros, for example.

Source: "Süddeutsche"

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