Cold on the head?: Winter hats: Five trends and popular classics for him and her

Nothing can disfigure a beautiful person, as the saying goes.

Cold on the head?: Winter hats: Five trends and popular classics for him and her

Nothing can disfigure a beautiful person, as the saying goes. Not even a hat. The rumor persists that there are faces with hats and those who somehow always look strange with a hat. The author of this text considers hats to be more of a practical piece of clothing that protects his ears and forehead from freezing in wind and weather. The fashion aspect is not his thing. But that may also be due to the fact that it is more the women who use hats at least equally as a fashion accessory. Whether function or fashion statement: In the cold season it is better not to go out the door without a hat. In the following article you can read what is trendy in winter 2021/22 and which classics are always popular.

The bobble hat without a bobble is the evergreen among winter hats. If nothing suits you, grab a beanie. And they are available in all colours, shapes and materials. They are usually made of cotton, occasionally made of soft fleece or wool. Some you turn inside out casually, the tight-fitting ones you simply pull over your head. By the way, the British call the human head a beanie. Hence the name of this globally popular hat. In addition to the tight-fitting models, oversize variants such as this knitted model from Chillouts are likely to be trendy again this winter. With a bright yellow (here the model Yupoong from Urban Classics) or in delicate lavender you can't go wrong in winter 2021 either. The Kinabalus by Barts in hipster ripped embroidery and dozens of colors are also a classic. Here's a Barts beanie in a strong rusty brown.

With charming greetings from Europe's fashion capital, Paris, checkered peaked caps are flying over the heads of many women this winter (and occasionally also men). One thing is certain: baker boy hats, especially in bold colors or eye-catching patterns, are not for wallflowers. Anyone who wears a peaked or newsboy cap will stand out. Gladly made of wool, felt or cord so that the head stays nice and warm. The price for the statement look: the ears of a baker boy hat are usually a bit too short. Small advantage for women with long hair. If you don't want to decide between checked and plain colors, you can grab a reversible balloon cap. Here's a stylish model from Lipodo, including one in Bordeaux.

Let's get to the hat classic par excellence. A bobble or bobble hat always works, and not just for children. The number 1 among winter hats is usually knitted and has a soft wool bobble or a pompom made of fluffy faux fur. Probably the most important advantage of bobble hats is obvious. The wool on the head warms - and also the ears. They are ringed, Norwegian-style, with sequins or other appliqués, casual or with a slim-fit look. Anything that pleases is allowed. And the same applies to bobble hats. In the winter of 2021/22, bright colors should at least push aside the Corona sadness a little. The poodle is alive. And this winter, colorful is the color of hope.

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Probably the most elegant of the winter hats is the beret. And similar to the baker boy hat, the same applies to the beret: style trumps function. The beret does not protect you from gusts of wind and frosty temperatures much more than the fontanelle. But women with this stylish headgear attract a lot of attention. And not just on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. A shovel of self-confidence is required for this bright blue it-piece from "New Girl Order". The beret was made from 85% wool. The rest is nylon. An "Angel Energy" patch is emblazoned on the front. The black beret from Asos Design should put you in a good mood. The reason: an embroidered daisy with a smiley face.

The fashionable counterpart to the women's beret is presumably the aviator or pilot's cap for men. Of course, it is not nearly as elegant as the stylish newsboy cap. And yet the close-fitting lapeers (as they are also called) with the distinctive ear flaps and chin straps are an absolute eye-catcher. Combined with a winter parka or wool coat, the aviator hat is a must-have for fashion-conscious men. It is usually made of leather, corduroy, nylon or knitwear.

Aviator hats (like this Old Cotton model from Stetson) have their origins with the heroes of the air, who at that time still risked their heads and collars without a helmet but with the famous pilot's hats. The daring men probably would not have thought that their protective equipment would one day become a fashionable accessory for winter walks.

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