Christmas surprise: Advent calendar on Amazon: The overview of the top sellers

Without an Advent calendar, the run-up to Christmas is only half as wonderful for children and adults.

Christmas surprise: Advent calendar on Amazon: The overview of the top sellers

Without an Advent calendar, the run-up to Christmas is only half as wonderful for children and adults. That's why an Advent calendar is always a welcome surprise for your partner, child or good friends. The selection of calendars is huge and unfortunately it is not that easy to find the right one. If you're looking for some inspiration, take a look at which Advent calendars are currently (according to Amazon) appearing most frequently on the digital counter. Maybe there is the right one for one of your favorite people.

If you want to give a gift to someone who is a little DIY enthusiast, or if you enjoy crafting fun yourself, then you are in good hands with the following two Advent calendars on Amazon.

Bosch tools are very popular among do-it-yourselfers. So why not simply pack a small toolbox as an Advent calendar? Bosch thought so too and acted accordingly. The calendar is here

Would you rather do crafts yourself? No problem, Amazon of course also offers “Do it yourself” Advent calendars. You first put this example together and then of course it needs to be filled with small gifts. If you are looking for an Advent calendar to fill yourself, Stern has compared the right sets for you. The calendar is here

Gingerbread, speculoos, chocolate: Christmas time is a time for enjoyment. That's why a lot of the most popular Advent calendars on Amazon are filled with all kinds of goodies. Anyone who wants to pamper their palate is guaranteed to find what they are looking for.

And cheers! Beer tastes good at any time of the year. Of course this is no different at Christmas. If you want to make a beer drinker happy or are one yourself and are looking for a new favorite beer, a beer advent calendar is just right. If you don't like the copy from Kalea, take a look at the beer advent calendar comparison. You are sure to find the right barley juice there. By the way, we have also compared a few wine advent calendars for wine lovers. Cheers. The calendar is here

Like every year, there will be a spirits advent calendar on Amazon in 2023, which is very popular. 24 short ones make the time until Christmas Eve fly by in an instant. And who knows, maybe you'll find a new favorite along the way. If you already know that only a real whiskey will pamper your palate, you should take a closer look at our whiskey advent calendar comparison. And gin drinkers are of course in good hands with the gin advent calendars. You can find the calendar here

If you like to overdo it with beer or wine during the cold season, you might want to pay a little more attention to yourself. You can do this with the mindfulness calendar, which always has a good tip for you on how to take better care of yourself. This is how Christmas becomes contemplative. The calendar is here

Chupa Chups are one of the classic lollipops. If you can't get enough of them, you should try the round lollies for 24 days in a row. Maybe then the passion will come to an end. Or it's just starting to get going. You can find the calendar here

If you have a good reason to say thank you, then the Merci Advent calendar is just right for it. At least that's what the chocolate manufacturer's cult advertising would have us believe. The idea isn't entirely far-fetched, because chocolate tastes good and Merci is no exception. The calendar is here

The same applies to M

As is well known, spices are the driving force of the kitchen. At least in most kitchens. If you want to explore new spice mixtures and spice up your dishes, the Advent calendar from Just Spices is perfect for this. By the way, we'll tell you what we think of it in the test of the Just Spices Advent calendar. The calendar is here

The little red Lindor balls are simply part of Christmas in most families. You can find 24 of them in different flavors in the Lindt Advent calendar. If only you weren't so annoying to open...The calendar is here

There is enjoyment that divides opinions. That includes licorice and that includes marzipan. A perceived truth is that licorice lovers also celebrate marzipan. Whether this is really the case will always remain a mystery. But the fact is that Niederegger from Lübeck warms the hearts of marzipan lovers. The calendar is here

Toys under the fir tree are an absolute must for most families with children. It's logical that there are many Advent calendars in which your new favorite toy can be hidden and that these are particularly popular on Amazon.

If you love escape games then the Exit Advent Calendar is for you. It contains 24 puzzles that need to be solved. Of course, this works best together and is fun for the whole family. If you and your family want to solve several puzzles at once, there are other escape calendars that you can find in our comparison of exit advent calendars. The calendar is here

If you prefer to think alone and logical thinking is your thing, the Sudoku Advent Calendar has three Sudokus ready for you every day. Have fun solving the Sudokus of varying difficulty. The calendar is here

For 52 years now, the show with the mouse has been solving the trickiest questions that children ask. For example, why we don't feel the Earth's rotation, how far our eyes could see if the Earth were flat, which fruit was the first to be grown, or why potatoes cook soft and eggs hard. If your offspring is a mouse fan, their experimental Advent calendar is not a bad idea. Don't worry, after this your child will probably have more questions than you have answers. But it's not wrong either. The calendar is here

It all started with 151 Pokémon, which almost every child knew by heart in the early 2000s. Back then, the quest to catch everything was entirely possible if you had a brother with the blue edition and you had the red one yourself. There are now over 1000 Pokémon and no one can remember them all anymore, nor can we catch them all. Or does it? In any case, the Pokémon trading card advent calendar is a good start for Pokémon fans who enjoy the pocket monster trading cards. The calendar is here

And the Hot Wheels are still there and the winding routes still give children great joy. The Hot Wheels Advent calendar is no exception. You can find the calendar here

Christmas without Lego? Almost unimaginable, because the clamping building blocks not only delight children, but also many adults, whose hobby is collecting unusual sets and figures. Of course, a Lego Advent calendar shouldn't be missing, because the wait for the really big set under the fir tree is simply too torturous without a Lego calendar. By the way, this is by no means the only Lego Advent calendar on the market. The star comparison of the Lego Advent calendars will tell you which other copies are available. You can find the calendar here

If your child is not a big hobbyist, Playmobil might be more suitable for them. Because instead of having to build a lot yourself, the characters invite you to think of one with a story for them that wants to be played. The Playmobil Advent calendar is ideal for this. The calendar is here

What a fuss was made about the Barbie movie. Women celebrated it, men felt hurt, others suddenly came out as hardcore feminists, discussions were held about the all-encompassing and yet, for many, nebulous-seeming patriarchy, which can somehow be everything that goes against the grain of us as humans. Yes sir, down with it! Maybe the Barbie calendar can do that. Maybe he just makes a child happy. That's enough too. The calendar is here

Paw Patrol is currently one of the most popular children's series on television. And yes, there was also a movie about the paw heroes. A Paw Patrol Advent calendar naturally belongs in the room of small and large dog fans. No wonder it is one of the most popular calendars on Amazon. The calendar is here

Of course we want to look particularly good for the celebration of love. And who said you can't love yourself a little too? It is already written in the Bible, love your neighbor as yourself! So let's start with ourselves and treat ourselves to a beauty advent calendar.

Maybelline New York is probably a household name for most women, as the manufacturer is known for its extensive range of make-up products. The range includes lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, powder and much more. Of course, all of this can also be found in the calendar and it even lasts until the New Year, because it offers a total of 31 doors and not just 24. The calendar is available here

Hyaluronic acid seems to be the new magic bullet in the beauty industry. There is probably no other explanation for the fact that there is an Advent calendar with 24 hyaluronic ampoules on Amazon that is very popular. The ampoules appear to be used for facial care. The manufacturer promises a “targeted, intensive beauty treatment”. Well, if that is not something. The calendar is here

Oh yes, on the morning of December 24th, desperate men traditionally rush through the local Douglas store and let the elegant, reservedly made-up saleswomen convince them of anything they think their wife might like. A wonderful spectacle. How about getting the presents a little early this year? The Douglas Advent calendar is sure to contain some products that the Queen of Hearts will like. The calendar is here

The good old Nivea cream is probably in almost every bathroom. Fans of the brand from Beiersdorf are looking forward to a Nivea Advent calendar, which of course also includes the classic. But that's not all: from Labello to Bodymilk, there's a lot there. By the way, Stern has put the Nivea Advent calendar to the test if you are interested in it. The calendar is here

Enough of self-love, bring on togetherness. The run-up to Christmas gets really hot with an erotic Advent calendar.

The ice cream Advent calendar is traditionally one of the most popular erotic calendars because it offers a lot of value for a comparatively low price. By the way, Stern took a closer look at the calendar in a test. One thing in advance: He knew how to convince. Here is the calendar

Of course, the erotic specialist store Beate Uhse also has an erotic Advent calendar on offer. From an anal plug to dice games to a blindfold, there is everything that brings joy for two. However, the calendar is more than twice as expensive as the model. The calendar is here

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