Chin Bangs: The stars love this pony trend

Haircuts with bangs are currently more popular than ever.

Chin Bangs: The stars love this pony trend

Haircuts with bangs are currently more popular than ever. For a long time, curtain bangs were one of the most popular bangs. But the trend hairstyle is now being replaced by a new style. Models and influencers are now sporting chin bangs. Among other things, Gigi Hadid (27) shows how to stage the hairstyle.

What is behind the trend is relatively self-explanatory. "Chin" from English means "chin" in German. Chin bangs are therefore a pony version in which the fringes end at chin level and taper rather narrowly towards the bottom. How wide the bangs are is a matter of taste. Chin bangs are always worn with a center parting, with the pony strands framing the face.

In contrast to the popular curtain bangs, chin bangs are not quite as voluminous and the strands of hair are longer. The fringe hairstyle is particularly effective when the rest of the hair is tied back - for example in a bun or ponytail. A style with hairstyles that sit low in the nape of the neck is particularly popular. Elsa Hosk (33) shows us a possible styling option with a deep bun on her Instagram profile.

Overall, the pony version needs very little styling effort. All that needs to be done is an accurate center parting in the front head area. If you like, you can blow-dry the bangs with a round brush or lengthen them with a straightening iron. This is especially recommended for wavy hair structures or curls. Good to know: Chin bangs are perfect as a transitional hairstyle for anyone who is just letting their bangs grow out.

The trendy chin bangs are especially popular with women with a heart-shaped or rather broad face shape. The narrow strands on the right and left of the face visually lengthen by emphasizing the forehead party and cheekbones. In contrast, women with a long, narrow face should use other types of bangs, since chin bangs can make the face appear even longer.

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