Cheyenne Pahde: ​​No competition with her twin sister

The Munich artist and delicatessen owner Cheyenne Pahde currently has every reason to celebrate.

Cheyenne Pahde: ​​No competition with her twin sister

The Munich artist and delicatessen owner Cheyenne Pahde currently has every reason to celebrate. On Sunday (October 2nd) she launched her second jewelery collection together with her twin sister Valentina Pahde in Milan. On Tuesday (October 4th) the two celebrated their 28th birthday. According to Cheyenne's Insta-Stories, she enjoyed it with her "better half" Valentina, a glass of champagne and a meringue cake. And today, Wednesday (October 5th), it's back to work, because that's when the new season of the police series "Blood Beginners" starts (Tuesdays, 7:25 p.m., ZDF). "I'm really excited and excited," admits Cheyenne Pahde in an interview with spot on news.

Speaking of Insta-Stories, according to ZDF, Cheyenne, with her more than 360,000 followers on Instagram, is "the undisputed social media star of this new season". Cheyenne's answer is clear whether she would now call herself an influencer or still primarily an actress.

"I'm an actress and through my projects as an actress I have a large and lovable fan base, who are happy to accompany me even after shooting is over. My job is acting and I'm very proud of it," she clarifies. "But everything I do 'on the side' is also associated with a lot of work and sometimes also with sacrifices," she adds, taking stock: "I'm just grateful for everything we've achieved so far."

In "Bloody Beginners" Cheyenne embodies "Charlotte von Merseburg", who is being trained at the police academy in Halle. Right at the beginning she has to deal with jealousies and rivalries with a classmate ... In real life, these topics do not play a role for Cheyenne and Valentina Pahde. On the contrary. "I don't understand why everyone is hoping and waiting for the topic of 'competition' to come up between my sister and me," says Cheyenne. "Honestly, I'm bored with such thoughts that always only go into the negative and I'm all the more happy about moments in which we naturally support each other and are there for each other."

Celebrity twins are fascinating to many people. Does that also apply to the Pahde sisters themselves? Are you interested in other prominent twins such as Lisa and Lena (20), Roman and Heiko Lochmann (23) or the Kaulitz brothers Bill and Tom (32)? Do you know each other, do you follow each other's careers? And if so, as a twin, what do you pay particular attention to when it comes to other twins?

"We were never fans of anything or anyone, but the career of the Olsen twins was exciting and somehow exemplary for us," says Cheyenne. "Since our careers started out similarly, we found them really fascinating, especially as they still support each other to this day. We also love their style and charisma." Cheyenne and Valentina shared a child role in the TV series "Forsthaus Falkenau" (ZDF) from 2002 to 2006. The US actresses and entrepreneurs Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (36) even began their careers at the age of nine months when their mother successfully introduced them to the casting for the television series "Full House".

The Pahdes have never met Lisa and Lena or the Lochmann twins personally, Cheyenne continues, "but it's always exciting to get to know other twins as a twin." Some of her closest friends are also twins. "They are film producers in Los Angeles and we have a very special bond," said the actress.

From the film producers in Los Angeles to the delicatessen owners in the Bavarian capital. Together with his sister Valentina, known from "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" (RTL), the former "Everything that counts" star (2016-2021, RTL) Cheyenne runs the "Feinkost Pahde" shop in Munich. How often are there fans in the store? Often. "Feinkost Pahde has become a small pilgrimage site for our fans and followers, and of course we're really happy about that. Customers come every day who also ask about us and when we're there in person, of course photos are taken and we write autographs diligently," says Cheyenne proud.

She is not annoyed by it. On the contrary: "I'm happy about everyone who comes by and we're just grateful that everything is going so well." But not only the possible presence of the twins attracts the customers, the boss shows self-confidently: "But the food is also particularly good, I just have to get rid of it. I could eat everything at Feinkost Pahde," laughs Cheyenne.

By the way, fans can look forward to another reunion with their favorite twins this week, as Cheyenne has revealed at least a little bit. "On October 8th, Valentina and I will still be on TV together – but I can't tell yet," she predicts. Looking at the TV programs, it could be the following shows: "Do you understand fun?" (Das Erste), "Die Puppenstars" (RTL) or "The Masked Singer" (ProSieben).

But since the Pahdes are always good for a surprise, it can also be a completely different format. Only one thing is certain: "Then we'll go on vacation first."

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