"Celebrity Big Brother": These were the winners of the last seasons

The tenth "Celebrity Big Brother" season starts on November 18, 2022.

"Celebrity Big Brother": These were the winners of the last seasons

The tenth "Celebrity Big Brother" season starts on November 18, 2022. Which resident will take home the victory on the reality TV show this time? In recent years, a wide variety of stars from the fields of social media, reality TV, acting and sports have cleared the prize money.

The first season "Celebrity Big Brother" was broadcast in September 2013. Actress and presenter Jenny Elvers (50) was allowed to stay until the 15th day and put on the "PBB" crown at the end. In the years that followed, Jenny Elvers appeared in other TV formats such as "Celebrity Shopping Queen" (2014), "I'm a star, get me out of here!" (2016), "Prominent Separated" and "Club of Good Moods" (both 2022). In addition to appearances in television series such as "Der Alte" or "SOKO Wismar", Elvers published her autobiography "Wackelyears: My Life Between Glamor and Crash" in September 2018. In the "PBB" world she celebrated a comeback in 2019: She was hired as a TV container expert for "Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen" and also took over the job in 2020 and 2021.

Aaron Troschke (33) made an unforgettable appearance on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" in 2012. there. The bakery operator at the time earned 125,000 euros and competed with Günther Jauch (66) as a chatterbox in three programs in a row – reason enough to win him over as a candidate for “Celebrity Big Brother”. In 2014, Troschke won the TV container ahead of Claudia Effenberg (57) and Ronald Schill (63). In the following year, Troschke was hired for the web show of the third season of "Promi Big Brother" and in 2020 he made the digital "Warm Up Show" for "PBB" before the actual show. Most recently, Troschke presented his own personality TV show "Achtung Aaron!".

In 2015, a lawn hero picked up the prize money of 100,000 euros: David Odonkor (38) won the race. After his "PBB" victory, the former national player showed his desire to compete and took part in TV shows such as "Ninja Warrior Germany" (2016), "Catch! The German Championship in Catching" (2019) or "Joko

Benjamin "Ben" Tewaag (46) succeeded David Odonkor and was the last to go through the "PBB" door in 2016. The son of actress Uschi Glas (78) donated part of his profits to "brotZeit e.V.", his mother's charitable organization. In the years that followed, Tewaag tried to shake off his bad-boy image and pursued his career. The ex-smoker tried his luck as an entrepreneur from 2017 and founded a film production company. In the film "Feierabendbier" the Munich actor took on his first role in 2018. He played the bouncer of a brothel. In November of this year he was supposed to be in front of the camera for a leading role in an RTL production, but had to cancel it due to health problems, as he revealed to the "Bild" newspaper in June. Most recently, he took his Instagram followers with him on his journey on the Camino de Santiago.

In 2017, Jens Hilbert (44) was happy to receive 100,000 euros. Willi Herren (1975-2021) and Milo Moiré (38) had to admit defeat at the end of the fifth season - under the motto "All or nothing". The entrepreneur and reality TV star became known on TV before participating in "PBB" through formats such as "Secret Millionaire" or "Celebrity Shopping Queen". At the end of 2019 he took part in the celebrity ice dance show "Dancing on Ice". As an entrepreneur, the Hessian earned his money through the beauty company Hairfree. In a post by "Exclusive" and on Instagram, Hilbert explained in October 2022 that he wanted to lead "a whole new, freer life" from now on. In his company he only works as a consultant and manages a few branches regionally, he has sold his shares. He has also left his villa and will move into a smaller house with his parents near his riding stables. As a show jumper he competes in tournaments.

In the sixth season, the mother of a famous TV family prevailed: Silvia Wollny (57). Since 2011, she has been accompanied by RTLzwei in her family life with eleven children in the docu-soap "Die Wollnys - A Terribly Big Family". Since her victory on the Sat.1 show, Silvia Wollny has been able to celebrate happy events in her family: Among other things, daughter Sarafina married her Peter and gave birth to twins. Since the victory, the head of the Wollnys has also used the growing popularity and pursued a music career with published hit songs such as "We celebrate again and again (Our favorite songs)". In 2021 she was back on reality TV - as a candidate for "Battle of the Reality Stars".

In 2019, "Cologne 50667" star Janine Pink (35) won. Behind her came singer Joey Heindle (29) in second place and "Love Island" star Tobias Wegener (29) in third place. During the "PBB" period, actress Tobias Wegener got closer, but love didn't last away from the TV container. The two then met again on the Sat.1 show "Celebrities under Palm Trees" in March 2020. She returned to "Promi Big Brother" in 2020 as an expert on "Sat.1 Breakfast Television". As a candidate for a TV show, she was last seen on the RTLzwei show "Skate Fever – Stars auf Rollerskaten".

Werner Hansch (84) won in August 2020 and was celebrated as the oldest winner of a reality show. The former sports reporter revealed on the show that he struggled with gambling addiction. In December 2020, he explained on Instagram that he had been given a warning in "proceedings for financial misconduct, which I unfortunately have to answer for in the course of my gambling addiction for several years" and that this was linked to a two-year probationary period. The 82-year-old finally announced in an interview with spot on news at the beginning of August 2021 that every euro of his winnings went into debt repayment.

Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (34) was able to win in August 2021. Müller became known in 2013 as a candidate for the third season of "The Bachelor". Since then, she has appeared on numerous reality shows and secured the jungle crown in 2014. Most recently, she was involved in a scandal in September 2022, the background being video recordings of a concert by the 34-year-old. The hand movements of the singer that can be seen on it are similar to the forbidden Hitler salute. The singer later spoke up via Instagram. She wanted to make it clear once again that she "has nothing to do with right-wing extremists or nationalist ideas," she wrote. "I condemn that in the strongest terms."