"Celebrity Big Brother": These residents provided scandals


"Celebrity Big Brother": These residents provided scandals

Sat.1 has come up with a surprise for the anniversary season of "Celebrity Big Brother": For the first time, the show will be broadcast in the cold season. The tenth season starts on November 18th. Participants this time include boy band star Jay Khan (40), sports commentator Jörg Dahlmann (63) and erotic model Micaela Schäfer (39).

The concept of the satellite show is based on the basic idea of ​​the "Big Brother" format, which was broadcast from 2000 to 2015 with candidates without celebrity status and celebrated a comeback in 2020. In the offshoot, which premiered in 2013, twelve more or less prominent personalities had to live together in a very small space and were monitored by cameras around the clock. A look back at nine seasons of TV containers with a celebrity factor.

Who will line up alongside the winners of previous seasons? Jenny Elvers (50) triumphed in the very first "Celebrity Big Brother" season. The blonde was followed by YouTuber Aaron Troschke (33), soccer star David Odonkor (38), actor Ben Tewaag (46), reality TV star Jens Hilbert (44), reality TV star Silvia Wollny (57)," Cologne 50667" actress Janine Pink (35) and ex-sports reporter Werner Hansch (84). Last year, pop singer Melanie Müller (34) prevailed against "Bauer sucht Frau" participant Uwe Abel (56) and "Cologne 50667" actor Danny Liedtke (32).

Over the course of the seasons, the celebrity container has changed a lot again and again. In the first season, the candidates were still accommodated in one area, in season two the accommodation was divided into the "luxurious" and the "poor" part. The voting of the viewers, the direction or the outcome of competitions determines the distribution, which can also be unequal since season five. Since this edition, the areas are also on one level, the "poor" area was previously below the "luxurious" area. In the eighth season, some of the residents had to spend the night in a "tent camp" for the first time, while their colleagues were spoiled in the luxury area. Since season three, the residents have been competing against each other in the duel arena in order to gain better living conditions or a change of area. Season nine was themed space, so the living areas were divided into the luxury Big Planet area and the poor Space Station area.

The "Celebrity Big Brother" house guarantees excitement, gossip, intrigue and intimate insights into the lives of celebrities every year. Jenny Elvers spoke openly in the first "PBB" issue of her overcome alcoholism and the painful healing process. In 2018, Sophia Vegas (35) surprisingly announced her pregnancy and ended up voluntarily leaving the show due to health problems. Adoptive Prince Marcus von Anhalt (55) talked openly about his brothel business in 2016 and explained: "I was a good bitch." Mario-Max zu Schaumburg-Lippe (44) had to find out about love with girlfriend Katharina Bösenecker in the container in 2014.

In 2016, Sat.1 had to intervene and expel a resident of the house: reality TV starlet Edona James (36) had caused the barrel to overflow with arguments and rule violations. Ballermann star Mia Julia Brückner (35), performance artist Milo Moiré (39) and YouTuber Katja Krasavice (26) provided spicy pictures: they satisfied themselves in front of the camera in their respective seasons.

Melanie Müller also caused a stir last season. It was mainly through her openness that she probably secured victory. "I will go away with my family for a few days with the money, also to talk to my husband," she said after her victory. On the show, she spoke openly about her marital problems with Mike Blumer (55) and explained that she had little time to spend with her children. Finally, she emphasized that she had to "change something". The separation followed in November 2021 and Müller also wanted to say goodbye to Trash TV in the future.

So far, David Hasselhoff (70) has provided the biggest celebrity factor. But "The Hoff" voluntarily left the house in season one after only a few days. "Baywatch" colleague Pamela Anderson (55) also moved in, but only as a guest star.

The first regular "Big Brother" season caused a stir. In addition to the winner John Milz, who left the container with 250,000 DM, second-placed Jürgen Milski (58) and the participants Zlatko Trpkovski (46) and Sabrina Lange (54) became well known at the end of the show. Milski and Trpkovski were remembered for their single "Big Brother", which reached number one on the charts. Trpkovski celebrated a "Big Brother" comeback in 2019 and moved into the container of the celebrity offshoot. However, the car mechanic had to leave the show early and made himself rather unpopular with the viewers with his dismissive manner.