"Celebrity Big Brother": The tenth season will be shown in November


"Celebrity Big Brother": The tenth season will be shown in November

Sat.1 has come up with a surprise for the anniversary season of "Celebrity Big Brother": The show will be broadcast in winter for the first time. The tenth season starts on November 18, 2022, as the broadcaster has now announced.

Sat.1 has not yet announced which celebrities will move in. However, the broadcaster promises "numerous prominent stars and starlets (...) from the most diverse areas of public life". As usual, they will be observed by Big Brother on camera 24 hours a day and face daily challenges. Whoever leaves the show as the last candidate and winner wins 100,000 euros.

"With 'Promi Big Brother' in 2013, Sat.1 gave the reality TV genre a major new boost. This year we're celebrating the tenth season of the reality hit - and for the first time in winter. While elsewhere the ball is rolling through the desert , we are fighting for the reality throne and 100,000 euros," Sat.1 broadcaster Daniel Rosemann is quoted as saying in the message.

Marlene Lufen (51) and Jochen Schropp (43) moderate "Celebrity Big Brother" as usual live from Cologne. Melissa Khalaj (33) and Jochen Bendel (54) lead directly through the show “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show”. The shows can be seen live every day from November 18 on both Sat.1 and Joyn.

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