“Celebrity Big Brother”: Can Iris and Peter Klein reconcile?

The broken relationship between Iris Klein (56) and her husband Peter (56) was once again the focus of the new “Celebrity Big Brother” issue.

“Celebrity Big Brother”: Can Iris and Peter Klein reconcile?

The broken relationship between Iris Klein (56) and her husband Peter (56) was once again the focus of the new “Celebrity Big Brother” issue. While Jürgen Milski (59) took the mother of Daniela Katzenberger (37) and Jenny Frankhauser (31) aside and wanted to talk to her conscience, Matthias Mangiapane (40) said that he had long since broken up with Iris Klein.

After a bitter separation and public mud fight, Iris Klein blames actress Yvonne Woelke (42) for the end of the relationship. She had previously spoken, among other things, about Klein spreading "lying stories" about her and her "good friend" Peter. In the TV container, Iris shot sharply at her husband, who was apparently trying to avoid her. However, since she always joins in when Peter is sitting somewhere with other residents, "oatmeal dealer" and ex-"container boss" Milski "fears that Iris still wants Peter back."

But he also explained to her that he found the reason for her participation “really shit.” "I found out publicly, I mudsled publicly, and now I wanted to end it publicly," she explained. He discovered that his roommate “didn’t show an inch of insight.” Meanwhile, magician and mentalist Philo (41) foresaw that things would “pop at some point” between the separated couple.

Things had already broken down between Mangiapane and Iris Klein several years ago. She "ranted very badly" against him: "I'm through with the woman." Through “such actions” she just wants to attract attention. “But not with me,” raged Mangiapane. "You hit me in the face once, the second time you don't even have the chance." He didn't do anything to "that woman."

Klein, in turn, explained that he attacked her daughter Jenny when the singer and the reality star were in the jungle camp together. This is a no-go for her. No big surprise: Iris Klein was also one of the participants who voted for Mangiapane when it came to who should be on the list alongside her and Paulina Ljubas (26) for a possible “Celebrity Big Brother” exit. A candidate from the exit list from the container is to be elected this week.

Peter explained that he didn't want to sit down "in front of the whole nation" and discuss the relationship problems. But on the night of November 23rd there was a kind of TV couples therapy to be seen, in which he also unpacked. The ex-couple should answer questions independently beforehand. The two then looked at the answers together in Wednesday's live broadcast.

Iris regrets today that she reacted very emotionally and “as a betrayed wife” she was “vindictive”. At the time, she wished that he would sit down at the table with her and “that he would be honest.” Peter should have fought for her and, according to her, could have saved the marriage. He in turn said that Iris started the rumors. And he would have liked to hear from her why she kept lying about him. At least there is no hope for him anymore when it comes to the relationship: "She is no longer the great woman [...] she was back then." Iris has developed to her disadvantage.

During the live portion of the show, Iris burst into tears. The 56-year-old explained that he had heard that she had come here with the idea of ​​speaking to him - and he asked why she had never done this in person. She accused him of being “a cheater.” And Iris demands an apology from him for things he didn't do. She “drove him around the internet for months.”

"I made it public," she said. But there was nothing that could have been made public, he replied. "You destroyed my life. You pulled the rug out from under me," she accused him. She wanted him to sign her divorce papers, but he wouldn't do it. Instead, he had his own divorce papers drawn up. No matter what documents are eventually signed: Milski was probably wrong.