Britney Spears: Is she finally celebrating her music comeback?

What a year it was for Britney Spears (42): 2023 brought a lot of new private turbulence for the troubled pop star.

Britney Spears: Is she finally celebrating her music comeback?

What a year it was for Britney Spears (42): 2023 brought a lot of new private turbulence for the troubled pop star. Fans had hoped so much that the singer would finally be able to rest after the end of her 13-year guardianship by father Jamie Spears (71) in November 2021. That initially looked like it was going to happen with the fairytale wedding in 2022 - but just a year later everything was suddenly over with Sam Asghari (29). In 2023, Britney Spears once again made headlines mainly with her private life, including numerous disturbing Instagram posts. But the chances for a better year in 2024 are not bad. Maybe even finally with new solo music again.

At the end of the year there was finally more conciliatory news from Britney Spears: After it initially looked like a war of the roses, "TMZ" reported at the end of November that the ex-couple had agreed on divorce issues and wanted to sign the papers soon. According to sources from the US celebrity portal, the two are now apparently on friendly terms with each other. Asghari was a key supporter of Spears in her fight against conservatorship. Since August she has had to go through life alone again. The singer posted that she was "a little shocked" after the breakup news in August. But she wants to “be as strong as I can and do my best. And I actually do that damn well.” This is Spears' third failed marriage. In 2004 she was married to her childhood friend Jason Alexander (41) for 55 hours and from 2004 to 2007 to Kevin Federline (45), with whom she has her sons Sean Preston (18) and Jayden James (17).

The singer also seems to be putting the arguments with her family behind her. She celebrated her 42nd birthday at the beginning of December together with her mother and brother in Los Angeles. The good mother-daughter relationship is anything but understandable. It was only in May that Britney Spears announced on her Instagram account that the relationship, which had been broken for many years, was slowly turning into a good relationship. Her mother Lynne Spears (68) visited her at home for the first time in years: "My sweet mom showed up at my door yesterday after three years," wrote the singer and added: "Time heals all wounds." Her sister Jamie Lynn (32) appeared in the British version of "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" also used a conciliatory tone, but did not use the show to taunt her famous sister in front of an audience of millions. On the contrary, she gushed that she had a “good, big sister” who loved her.

And her hated father? Jamie Spears lost a leg to amputation in 2023. Britney reacted to the news with a series of pictures from past family times, which the US media interpreted as a rapprochement.

In her biography “The Woman In Me,” which was published at the end of October, she wrote a lot of baggage off her chest. In the book she also reveals, among other things, that she had an abortion during her relationship with singer Justin Timberlake (42). It seems as if the singer is on a kind of journey of self-liberation and is clearing up many incidents in her past. That would certainly also provide good material for a new music album that fans are eagerly awaiting. In 2023, Spears released the song “Mind Your Business” with rapper (48) from the Black Eyed Peas. At the end of October, she announced a new song of her own called “Hate You To Like Me” on social media. However, she did not reveal when it would be released.

It would be her first new solo song since the release of her last studio album seven years ago. "Glory" was the ninth studio album of her career in 2016 and contained the singles "Make Me" and "Slumber Party". Since then, the singer has had little to say musically. That could possibly change in 2024. In any case, you will also hear a lot from her in the new year: she has announced a second part of her memoirs for 2024.