British Royal Family: Omid Scobie publishes “Endgame” book: It contains these stark revelations about the royal family

Omid Scobie is considered a confidant of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan - but they are said to have had no hand in this book, or at least that's what they claim.

British Royal Family: Omid Scobie publishes “Endgame” book: It contains these stark revelations about the royal family

Omid Scobie is considered a confidant of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan - but they are said to have had no hand in this book, or at least that's what they claim. The negative reporting on the British royal family supposedly comes exclusively from the pen of the author Scobie. His latest work is called "Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy's Fight for Survival" and contains some juicy information - the summary:

Cold Kate According to Scobie, Duchess Kate has not exchanged a word with Duchess Meghan for around four years, since 2019: "Every time she hears about Meghan, Kate shudders and giggles," said Scobie. Likewise, the future queen is said to have deliberately ignored her sister-in-law's mental problems when Meghan was still part of the royal family. It is said in the book that Kate perceives Meghan as a rival. Scobie also finds Kate's performance at the royal court massively overrated. He claims that the population simply loves everything Princess Kate does.

Megxit foreverDuchess Meghan never wants to be part of the royal family again under any circumstances, claims Scobie. But the dislike apparently also applies to her former place of residence - the Duchess "never felt at home" in Great Britain.

Prince William is said to be power-hungryOmid Scobie portrays Prince William as a power-hungry and unscrupulous man. He is said to have been the mastermind behind the banishment of Prince Andrew from royal office and to have regularly passed on information about his brother Prince Harry to the British press. William is also said to claim about his little brother that he has been "brainwashed by an army of therapists" and that he no longer wants to get to know the "new" Harry.

When asked about Archie's skin color, Duchess Meghan is said to have named two people by name, King Charles, then still a prince, who speculated at court during her pregnancy with Archie about what skin color their offspring would have. For the Duchess, it was a racist act. Until now, the public only knew that it was one person. Scobie claims to know both names but is not disclosing them because of the risk of legal consequences.

Prince Harry used his children as leverage After leaving the royal family in January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan retained the rental agreement for Frogmore Cottage so that they have British residence. Three years and Harry's published memoirs later, that was over. The Sussexes had to vacate the house in spring 2023. Prince Harry is said to have stunk so badly that he threatened his father: "Do you never want to see your grandchildren again?" Incidentally, the idea for evicting the Sussexes is said to have come from Princess Anne.

"The company" made Harry an enemy The British royal family, also called "the company", is said to have made Prince Harry an enemy even before he left the royal family. This is said to have been the reason for Megxit. Apparently the royal family can't cope with Harry's free spirit and his limitless thinking. But it is also said that the Sussexes are interested in mediation and regularly provide the royal family with current pictures of their children from America.

Harry is said not to have known that the Queen was getting worse. The next accusation that Scobie makes here: He claims that Prince Harry was not informed about the deteriorating health of the late Queen Elizabeth II, his grandmother. The members of the royal family are said to have had a chance to say goodbye and mentally prepare for their death, but not Prince Harry and Meghan. Only when things were very serious and her final hours had begun was the prince said to have been informed in America and immediately set off on his journey. Prince William is said to have ignored text messages from Harry asking about this topic.

King Charles told the staff to get rid of HarryIt is said that King Charles III is said to have asked his staff to get rid of his son, Prince Harry, because he was overworked when he requested an appointment. At the time, the dropout prince and his father are said to have had little contact and apparently Charles wasn't particularly interested in it either. Three weeks later, Harry is said to have announced his memoirs, and according to Scobie, Charles then fell into a kind of "state of shock". When Harry called his father after the book was published, he was said to be cold and curt, not open to conversation.

Netflix documentary made Charles really angry. In 2022, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry released a documentary on Netflix in which the royal family is not portrayed in a good light. The reaction of his father, the king, was clear: “That idiot,” he is said to have called him.

"South Park" parody of Meghan and Harry to the taste of the WalserPrince William and Princess Kate are said to have had royal fun with the parody of the Sussexes in the series "South Park", in which Prince Harry and Meghan are made fun of. In the episode, the two are mocked for leaving the royal family to have their privacy and now constantly seeking publicity through all sorts of actions. The "South Park" characters shout: "We want privacy" and travel around the world and on TV shows.

King Charles is said to be worried about his brother AndrewKing Charles is said to have a softer personality than his eldest son William. The king is said to be constantly worried about his demoted brother Prince Andrew. He was involved in a scandal and accused of having an affair with a minor at the time. The royal family drew conclusions and revoked all royal obligations and many privileges. Andrew's mental health is said to bring the king to tears.

The King and the PeaAccording to Scobie, Charles is said to be an extremely spoiled king who even has his shoelaces ironed. His Majesty also insists on traveling with luxurious, perfectly steamed 1000 thread count linens. The king is said to appreciate it when someone has already squeezed an inch of toothpaste onto their toothbrush during their evening bath ritual.

The Queen's Last SummerScobie also talks about Queen Elizabeth II's last summer in his book "Endgame". She spent it at Balmoral Castle and it is said to have been peppered with picnics, barbecues and walks. Above all, the 96-year-old sat a lot in the sun. She is said to have been in severe pain before her death, but did not want the public to know about it.

Diana DoublesThe resurrection of Diana's clothing style in the form of Meghan and Kate's outfits is said to have been no coincidence. Parallels were often seen with looks that the Princess of Hearts once wore. Diana's jewelry was also included. This shouldn't be a coincidence at court; they hope that some of the late princess's shine will rub off on the next generation, says Scobie.

Sources:  Daily Mail, Express

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