Book tips: Christmas books for children: ten magical stories to read aloud

The Christmas season stands, among other things, for contemplation, family and cordiality.

Book tips: Christmas books for children: ten magical stories to read aloud

The Christmas season stands, among other things, for contemplation, family and cordiality. A lot can be conveyed to the little ones in a child-friendly way with the right books: They prepare information in a way that is easy to understand and take children and parents on imaginative journeys through mostly attractively illustrated stories, which also remind the grown-ups of the most important values. We present ten Christmas books for children that are also suitable for the rest of the family: to read aloud, to read yourself and to look at.

Illustrated by Jim Field ("The Lion Within"), this magical book is suitable for kids ages three and up. It conveys timeless values ​​in a child-friendly way: Every Christmas, Mia and her family read a letter that her grandfather once wrote. He wished for a better world for his granddaughter, in which people would do everything to preserve nature, the earth and the well-being of its inhabitants. Bestselling author Michael Morpurgo has created a modern Christmas story that conveys the importance of family and intergenerational unity, as well as themes of responsibility. And: This Christmas book for children bears Loewe's Naturkind label and was produced sustainably. Here is the book.

This book contains 24 stories that will fascinate children from the age of four. The little dormouse has never heard of Christmas, but luckily the town mouse is there to explain everything you need to know: from baking cookies to Christmas decorations to poems. But the most important thing is the Christmas magic, which not only affects the little dormice, but all animals in the forest. Here is the book.

One of the classics that little Christmas fans can't miss is the story of old Scrooge, an incorrigible miser. On Christmas Eve, his late friend Marley and the Christmas spirits visit him to show him what he's made of his life so far - and what it really should be about. They therefore lead him on a journey into the past, present and future. The Christmas classic appears here with pictures by the Lindbergh illustrator Torben Kuhlmann, which bring the touching story even more to life. Here is the book.

Fans of Scandinavian winter worlds will love this book because it has great illustrations and a special flair. The story: Anja would love to help Santa Claus with his preparations and embarks on a journey through magical winter landscapes. The girl meets a strong horse, a reindeer and a huge polar bear. A sweet story with great pictures, which is especially worthwhile for the little ones to watch. Here is the book.

This animal story is also suitable for smaller kids from around four years of age who will be happy about the lively illustrations. In the book, the Christmas season has dawned in the jungle. All the animals are really looking forward to the festival - except for Jim the monkey. Neither Christmas carols nor gifts nor sweets can change that. But his friends don't give up to bring the festival even closer to him. The book helps to understand and deal with difficult feelings and promotes emotional development. Here is the book.

Especially at Christmas, one author should not be missing when it comes to Christmas books for children: Astrid Lindgren. This book brings together the best stories. Pippi Longstocking, Madita, the children from Bullerbü or Michel from Lönneberga are there and are preparing for Christmas. Great for reading to the whole family. Here is the book.

This sweet story is suitable for children aged four and over. It's about a donkey that was just born and was lovingly cared for by its mother. But when the donkey wakes up one morning, his mother has disappeared. A little angel knows where she is: with the baby Jesus, at the manger in the stable. When donkeys and angels make their way there, they experience the miracle of Christmas. Here is the book.

What is the most important thing about Christmas? This fable for children is about this question. While the fox thinks it's the goose, the deer thinks it's the tree. The polar bear dreams of a white Christmas, the donkey reminds the ox of the child in the manger. And in the end, the animals wonder if humans actually know what the answer to the question is. Here is the book.

Because many children love Bobo Sieben Dormouse, he should not be missing from the list of Christmas books. In four new stories he experiences the wonderful time leading up to Christmas. Especially great: The book contains craft instructions, sheet music and a cookie recipe for the whole family to bake at home. Here is the book.

This magical story is worth reading for yourself from the age of eight or for the whole family: Manu and his little sister Jana are on their way to their father in Hamburg. The mother of the two still has to work and Manu has to take care of the red Christmas suitcase on the train all by himself. And it's packed with gifts, Manu's saxophone and Jana's grand piano for her big performance as Christ Child. When they arrive and open the suitcase, they experience a tremendous shock. An exciting story with beautiful illustrations. Here is the book.

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