Beyonce and JAY-Z transform London's premiere night into a date night


Jay-Z and Beyonce made Jay's premiere of Jay’s film "The Harder They Fall" into an excuse to go on a date night at BFI London Film Festival Oct. 6. Jay, who was a producer for the all-Black Netflix Western, arrived on the red carpet wearing a Tom Ford suit. Bey stayed out of the camera, and let her husband and the stars do their thing. Bey posted photos on Instagram that show the couple enjoying many romantic moments in the backseat of their limousine escort to the screening. ET reports that Bey is wearing an elegant, curve-boasting Valdrin Shahiti strapless black gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewels. She snuggles up to her husband, smiling as she rests her head on his shoulder. Another photo shows Beyonce giving a rock 'n roll salute to the camera. Jay and Beyonce could soon be competing for the Best Original Song Oscar. Variety reports that Jay's contribution to Will Smith’s "King Richard" movie, "Be Alive", is currently a leading contender for an Academy Award nomination. Jay has two potential contenders in "Guns Go Bang", and "The Harder They Fall", songs he recorded to go with the movie. Variety reports that if they score nods, they would be the first married couple to compete in the same Oscars category.

Adele shares her thoughts on women's reactions to her weight loss

Adele is back in the public eye ahead of her new album. She knows that she looks different from the "25" album she released in 2015. She's "disappointed" at how many women comment on her weight. This was when she was managing the end to a marriage. In the first interview she has given in many years, the singer talks candidly about her weight loss. (Adele covers American Vogue's November issue. "My body has been objectified throughout my career. It doesn't end here. Vogue says she understands why it is so shocking. Adele felt that she was just "going through the motions" while losing weight through circuit training and weightlifting twice a day, among other exercises. She used sound baths, meditation, and therapy to get over her anxiety. She became addicted to working out, and even considered herself a "drug addict." Her new body was the subject of a lot of criticism after it became public. "I can understand why some women were hurt. Visually, I represented many women. She says that she is still the same person. "And the worst thing about the whole situation was that other women were having brutal conversations about my body. That was a huge disappointment to me ******. It hurt my feelings."

Continue reading to learn more about Adele's conversation with her son regarding her divorce.

Adele discusses her new music and divorce in her first interview since 2016.

Adele, who has been mostly out of the limelight for five years, covers American Vogue's November issue. She talks about her new single "Easy On Me" and the forthcoming album. The singer also talks candidly about major milestones in her life since 2016, including her marriage to Simon Konecki and the divorce. She also discusses Angelo, Adele's son who will soon turn 9, with Simon. British Vogue spoke to Adele, who revealed that much of the album was her way of explaining the divorce process to Angelo. Angelo asked her "good" and "innocent" questions, such as why she couldn't live with his father. Adele says, "I felt like I wanted it to be a way to explain to him, through the record, when he is in his twenties, or thirties," Adele said. It made him very unhappy at times. That's a deep wound that I don’t know if it will ever heal. Angelo may be hurt by her split with Simon, Adele claims that there was no "bad" precipitating event and she "just left" when it was done. She muses, "It was just not right for me anymore." "I didn’t want to be like so many people I knew." Although it wasn't miserable, I wouldn't have been as miserable if I hadn't put myself first. "Easy on Me" will be released Oct. 15.

Woody Harrelson hits man in self-defense during an argument over photos

According to reports, Washington, D.C. police were investigating an altercation in which Woody Harrelson had allegedly punched a man at Watergate Hotel the night before. According to NBC News police believe that the Oscar-nominated actor threw the punch in self-defense during a "verbal dispute." Daily reports that Woody was having dinner at the hotel's rooftop bar with his daughter when the man started taking photos of them. Later, police reported that Woody approached the man and asked him to delete the photos. An argument ensued, and Woody is believed have punched the shutterbug after he "lunged at" the star. The next day, no charges were filed. Woody is believed to be in D.C. filming a series called "The White House Plumbers" about Watergate.

Hollywood's Walk of Fame: Daniel Craig receives his star

Daniel Craig said that it was an honor to be walked in Hollywood on October 6. Outside the James Bond-inspired address 7007 Hollywood Boulevard where his new Walk of Fame star is now, the British actor thanked his co-stars and supporters. "If happiness could be measured by how many people we keep, then being surrounded by these legends makes me very, very, very happy." According to the BBC, he said "Thank you very much." Daniel, 53, began his James Bond career with 2006's Casino Royale. He played agent 007 in four more films of the famed series. The final one being "No Time To Die" which opens in theaters Oct. 8.

Ryan Seacrest's team "staged an intervention" to slow down his work schedule. Report

Ryan Seacrest's prodigious work habits are well-known at this stage in his career. But, a new report by Us Weekly suggests that the situation may have worsened. According to a source, the team of Ryan Seacrest was concerned that he had been absent from his hosting chair for several consecutive days in September. They then staged an intervention. The insider said that Ryan is in poor health. This update comes months after Ryan was criticized for his May speech on American Idol. His reps confirmed that he was fine, although he missed "Live" on the following morning. They also said that he is very busy with multiple shows and work commitments in various cities, leaving him little time for rest. Another Us source says he is now more conscious of getting enough downtime. The insider said that Ryan has been broadcasting his radio show live, and is now getting ready to travel to Austin to audition for 'American Idol.' He recognizes that he must find time to relax during his busy work hours. Ryan was replaced by Kelly Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos in September when he missed his "Live" dates.

In the midst of Netflix special controversy, Dave Chappelle was defended by his sisters, a trans comic.

After the release of "The Closer," his Netflix stand-up comedy special, Dave Chappelle is being criticized and called for cancellation. His new special features comic jokes about transgender women. He defends anti-LGBT comments made by rapper DaBaby and author of Harry Potter J.K. Rowling. Rowling is a strong believer that transgender women should not be allowed to participate in spaces devoted exclusively to women born as females. "She said that gender was a fact. The trans community got mad ...," Dave. "I agree. "I agree, man. Gender is a fact. His late friend Daphne Dorfman (a transgender comic) also appears in his remarks. Dave said, "I don’t know what the transcommunity did for her, but I don’t care, since I feel like they weren’t their tribe." She was my daughter. She was a comedian in the core of her being. He announces at the end of the show that he will not be making any jokes about LGBTQ issues until everyone can agree on comedy, life, and identity. He says, "I'm done talking to it." "All I ask is that you stop putting down my people. He refers to comics. GLAAD and National Black Justice Coalition have made formal statements condemning Dave's routine, and demanding Netflix pull the special. However, Daphne's sisters believe critics miss the point. Brandy, her sister, said that Dave loved her sister and was an LGBTQ ally. "His whole set was beggaring to end this exact situation."

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