"Betting: Robbie Williams euphoria and corona failure

In 2021, Thomas Gottschalk (72) presented a “Wetten, dass.

"Betting: Robbie Williams euphoria and corona failure

In 2021, Thomas Gottschalk (72) presented a “Wetten, dass..?” edition designed as a one-off comeback, which, however, attracted 15 million people in front of the TV sets. ZDF acknowledged the success and announced two more "Wetten, dass..?" episodes. One of them took place on Saturday evening (November 19th). The anticipation of returning after a year was obviously great: in the exhibition hall in Friedrichshafen, Gottschalk, dressed in a red leo suit, and sidekick Michelle Hunziker (45), in a sweeping pink robe, were greeted with frenetic applause.

First, the two brought themselves up to date. Gottschalk, who had emotional support from partner Karina Mroß (60) in the audience, went to the show "top fit and in love". "I'll be grandma in April, finally I can hold a grandchild in my arms. That's fantastic," Hunziker Gottschalk said about the pregnancy of her daughter Aurora (25). A subsequent question from the moderator about her own love life, however, threw Hunziker out of the concept, she laughed at her and left her unanswered.

The "two boys" Michael Bully Herbig (54) and Christoph Maria Herbst (56) opened the couch and had to give their tip in a digger egg bet. They didn't believe in the contestant's abilities and later had to redeem their wager in the form of a can-can dance to the Broadway hit "Moulin Rouge! - The Musical".

It was followed by a star who was one of the most frequent guests on the show that started in 1981: Robbie Williams (48) performed his current song "Lost" with string accompaniment and caused enthusiastic calls for an encore. The singer didn't need to be told twice and intoned his hit "Angels", complete with a dip in the crowd, chants and waving cell phone lights in the audience. After a short absence, he sat down on the sofa and played the charmer.

"Germany is my first home," he said enthusiastically about the great applause and raved about Hunziker: "You just don't age. You look incredible." In the bet to recognize parlor games by pouring out their content, the singer also typed correctly. As befits an international guest, the music star had to "go to the plane" a little later and said goodbye to the couch.

Hollywood legend John Malkovich (68) held the fort and presented the joint film "Shattered - Dangerous Affair" with the actress duo Veronica Ferres (57) and daughter and leading actress Lilly Krug (21). Christoph Kramer (31) and Jochen Breyer (40) commented on the roller coaster outside bet chosen for the trio from Rust, which was unsuccessful. A jello tasting had to be survived for the lost bet for the actors.

Herbert Grönemeyer (66) presented his new song "Deine Hand", successfully supported the evening's bicycle bet and announced that he would still redeem his bet to cover the operating costs of the Berliner Tafeln for a month. For the young viewers, the show also had the Canadian singer Tate McRae (19) in its luggage. An announced guest, tennis player Alexander Zverev (25), could not be in Friedrichshafen due to a positive corona test. In a video message, he explained that he hopes to be on his favorite show next year.

Instead, the twins and social media celebrities Lisa and Lena (20), who digitally accompanied the show with backstage insights, acted as betting sponsors for the twin candidates of the successful children's bet. The soccer players Alexandra Popp (31) and Giulia Gwinn (23), who successfully supported the graphic designer and candidate Marten with his fingerprint bet, also formed a betting sponsor duo. In the end, the climate activist took home 50,000 euros as the winner of the show, among other things for the "Lützerath Leben" initiative.

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