Beauty trick: are magnetic eyelashes a good alternative?

A look with long and thick eyelashes is considered beautiful and aesthetic.

Beauty trick: are magnetic eyelashes a good alternative?

A look with long and thick eyelashes is considered beautiful and aesthetic. This is how eyelashes are colored, thickened or lengthened in the beauty salon. However, these methods are not cheap and the coloring and compacting in particular should be done by a specialist. On the other hand, you do the gluing yourself at home, but the mixed results and the fact that glue has to be applied to the eyelid first do not convince everyone. Magnetic eyelashes could be a promising alternative for anyone who has wanted long, healthy eyelashes and does not want to damage the natural eyelashes with too frequent treatments. Read here what magnetic eyelashes are, how to use them correctly and where to find them.

It's a simple beauty product. You are probably familiar with stick-on eyelashes, basically the nature of the magnetic alternative is similar. The eyelashes are (mostly) fake and can vary in quality depending on the manufacturer. If you prefer a natural eyelash look, you should definitely pay attention to good quality or invest in eyelashes made of human hair.

An important advantage of magnetic eyelashes is that they can be reused. This is not only sustainable, but also saves costs. The application is gentler on the real eyelashes than conventional glue eyelashes because they are less complicated and can be attached with a "click". The selection of the magnetic alternative is large and you can also trim the eyelashes individually if necessary. The eyelashes are not more expensive than others and therefore do not cost you much in the purchase. They are also smudge-proof and waterproof.

Magnetic eyelashes adhere to your own eyelashes by a simple magnetic effect. There are two different methods of attaching them.

Magnetic eyelashes are now even available in drugstores. The selection is somewhat limited in retail, but there should be more choice in perfumeries. The greatest variety is on the web, where different manufacturers cavort in the usual online shops. Make sure the lashes are light in weight so they don't weigh down the eyelids.

These magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner come in a set so you can choose between different eyelash lengths and shapes. In the reviews of the eyelashes, there are always users who have trimmed the artificial eyelashes, because the standard size is not ideal for every eye.

Self-adhesive magnetic eyelashes also come in the set, so again you can choose which eyelashes suit you or the occasion. You have to decide individually which of the two methods suits you better. It remains purely a matter of taste. The first method also requires drawing an eyeliner, which of course must also be visually pleasing.

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