Beauty trend: brow lamination: This is how eyebrow lifting works at home

It used to be that the thinner, the better.

Beauty trend: brow lamination: This is how eyebrow lifting works at home

It used to be that the thinner, the better. In the 1930s, eyebrows were shaved off and then painted over with a fine pencil. Nowadays the opposite is en vogue. The British model Cara Delevingne demonstrated it: She was one of the first to attract attention with her head of hair over her eyes. Her wide, bushy brows became a trademark. Many now pay a lot of money to get such full eyebrows. A brow lamination with plucking, lifting and coloring costs up to 100 euros in the cosmetic studio. A lot of money can be saved with do-it-yourself kits.

Fine, thin hairs that are otherwise lost in the middle of the eyebrows are made visible with the help of eyebrow lifting. The entire brow is brushed upwards and fixed. Chemical substances help – similar to a perm. The semi-permanent shaping fills small gaps and shapes the brows.

Here's a guide:

The lamination technique is particularly suitable for people with stubborn eyebrows. Or brows growing in all directions. This gives people with light eyebrows a more expressive look. Sparse eyebrows are beautified by the lamination. So they look naturally voluminous.

Various chemical liquids are used in brow lamination. Therefore, users should be extremely careful with it. Contact with the eyes should be avoided at all costs. It is also possible that allergies to the chemical substances are triggered. You should find out beforehand. Otherwise strong reactions may occur.

The exposure time of the substance should also be strictly observed. Otherwise, the hair structure can be severely damaged with subsequent hair loss.

The eyebrows must not come into contact with water after lamination. If possible, the face or the eyebrow area should not be washed for 24 hours. After two days it is recommended to use a hair conditioner. Simply brush a conditioner into the eyebrows and leave it on for two minutes. This keeps the hair straight for longer. Hair should be combed daily in the direction of growth and only when wet. Then just let it air dry.

If you don't color your eyebrows, you can use a fine eyebrow pencil. Just paint small hairs between a few real ones. This fills small gaps and gives the eyebrow a darker nuance.

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