Beatrice Egli: These are the singer's plans for 2023

Pop star Beatrice Egli (34) has big plans for 2023.

Beatrice Egli: These are the singer's plans for 2023

Pop star Beatrice Egli (34) has big plans for 2023. The 2013 DSDS winner was seen on Saturday at singer Jürgen Drews (77)'s "Big Hit Farewell", but her own career is still in full swing. In an interview, she reveals what makes the music genre special for her and what the fans can expect.

"For me, Schlager has always meant being able to give away a good mood," says the Swiss. However, Schlager is now "so much more", emphasizes Egli. "We can touch, stimulate thought, tell stories and also celebrate music and life. And that in both traditional sounds and sounds more akin to pop music. The fact that Schlager can and is allowed to do so much nowadays makes me very happy."

The 34-year-old is not only musically successful, but also an impressive presenter. "The Beatrice Egli Show" has been running on SWR and MDR since last year. But she also presented various TV formats for ARD, ZDF and RTL, mostly in connection with her musical passion.

"I'm currently working with a lot of great musicians and producers on my new album, which will be released next year," the singer announces. "Here there will be a mix of well-known Beatrice Egli sounds and maybe one or the other new, unexpected musical specialty," she reveals.

She can't wait to "finally share the new songs with my audience," the singer said. "I don't want to reveal too much just yet, but I think that in addition to well-known hits to sing along to and my current single 'Volles risk', the first songs from the new album, which will be released next year, will be available in May on 'Schlagersterne 2023' will," says Egli.

At "Schlagersterne Mallorca" in 2023, in addition to Egli, numerous other top-class artists from the hit industry are expected. Stars like Howard Carpendale (77), Ross Antony (48) and Matthias Reim (65) will appear on May 10th at the Coliseo Balear Mallorca. Egli, Ben Zucker (39) and Giovanni Zarrella (44) will follow on May 11th. The shows will be moderated by Andrea Kiewel (57).

Beatrice Egli is already looking forward to the popular holiday island. Her top tips for a relaxed (Mallorca) holiday: "I love long days on the beach. With a sun hat, sunglasses and bikini in my bag I can spend the whole day in the sun. I love soaking up the sun's rays, in cool water freshen up, read a book, and take a little nap."

From October 14th it will not go on vacation, but on tour. Egli's first stop will be Circus Krone in Munich. Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Halle (Saale), Bochum, Hamburg, Lucerne, Berlin and Hanover follow.

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