Back to school: What do you give when you start school? 15 gift ideas for first graders

They grow up so fast! At the age of six (sometimes even seven) years, the seriousness of life begins for all children: Shortly after the summer holidays, the first graders are ceremoniously welcomed at their schools.

Back to school: What do you give when you start school? 15 gift ideas for first graders

They grow up so fast! At the age of six (sometimes even seven) years, the seriousness of life begins for all children: Shortly after the summer holidays, the first graders are ceremoniously welcomed at their schools. At the start of the new school life, it is traditional to present the young pupils with a school cone - this task is usually carried out by their parents. All sorts of sweets and school utensils (including pens, erasers, rulers, sharpeners) are hidden inside. For the other family members or friends, the question arises: What do you give for school enrollment? We present 15 ideas to you.

At school, children learn to read, write and do arithmetic. So that you can practice diligently at home, we recommend this classic breakfast board made of beech, on which the multiplication table is engraved. School beginners have the opportunity to combine the practical with the useful - and learn to deal with numbers in a playful way while eating. You can find the board here, for example.

Children are naturally inquisitive, and that's a good thing. At school they will be confronted with many topics that will arouse new interests. A primary school dictionary is a good way to quench their thirst for knowledge. In it, students from 1st to 4th grade will find everything they need for their homework in the form of texts, illustrations and photos. In addition, the lexicon contains special pages on the subjects German and mathematics. This is how reading is fun! The encyclopedia is available here, for example.

It is a classic among fountain pens: the Lamy. Many children have already learned to write with this fountain pen - the narrow fountain pen lies comfortably in the hand and helps first graders to practice their first words. With this model, you even have the option of having a text of your choice engraved on the wooden handle. Whether you choose the child's name or something else, the Lamy fountain pen makes a beautiful as well as practical gift for starting school. The fountain pen is available here, for example.

Even if you will certainly wake your child up every morning in the first year of school, it makes sense to use an alarm clock in the long run. On the one hand, so that it can learn and understand the time - and on the other hand, so that it can get up later on its own. In order for your child to get used to getting up early and the alarm clock, it is better not to tick it loudly. This model, for example, doesn't tick at all: the alarm clock is available here, for example.

School children learn arithmetic and writing best in a playful way. With the ABC duel, for example, the alphabet is trained - with the help of game pieces and cards. Together with the witch Ux and the magician Pim, the vocabulary and the concentration of first graders (from the age of six) are promoted: The aim of the game is to find a term among the magic word cards that matches the letter you are looking for. There is an ABC duel it e.g. here.

Children love to scribble and scratch - and this is exactly what this book is designed for: there are enough blank pages to record the first impressions of school enrollment and to decorate them with colorful stickers. An additional eight pages can be scratched freely with the included pen to find out what is hidden under the black paint. A very special scratching fun for first graders! The book is available e.g. here.

The largest toy manufacturer in the world also has a lot up its sleeve for school children. Suitable for school enrollment, Lego has a ruler that can be built, which can be either 15 or 30 centimeters long, depending on taste. In addition to the fun of assembling, the ruler also has a practical use and can be used by children from the age of six at school thanks to its numbers like a normal ruler. You can find the ruler here, for example.

In order to increase the anticipation for the first class, Simone Sommerland, Karsten Glück and the daycare frogs sang the 30 most beautiful songs for school enrollment. From a song about the way to school to a song about arithmetic, writing and reading to a song about rat fumbling, all the topics that are relevant in school are included. A funny ear candy with guaranteed catchy tune for young and old! You can find the CD here, for example.

Most children don't even know each other before they start school and really get to know each other in the 1st grade. A souvenir album is a great gift idea to make it easier for them to make initial contact: the purpose is for your child to give the book to each of their classmates, who introduce themselves on one page - from their name to their favorite subject to hobbies. Later, your child can enjoy the content and make new friends. The book is available here, for example.

On gray days, it is particularly important for children to be seen by other road users. This is made possible with the help of small reflectors that are attached to clothing, for example. When it rains, however, a small umbrella is the best choice, which is also equipped with highly reflective stripes. At 188 grams, this model is very light and small, so that it fits into any satchel. With its eye-catching colors, it ensures more safety on the way to school. You can find the umbrella here, for example.

They are the heroes of our childhood: Pipi Longstocking and Michel from Lönneberga were penned by Astrid Lindgren. Although the stories of the two main characters were written down in the middle of the 20th century, they are still among the most popular children's stories today. The films in particular are particularly entertaining. Three adventures at the beginning of school are combined in this DVD: "When Michel came to school", "Pippi learns plutimication" and "Peter

Did you always play with the rubber twister in the schoolyard in the past? The classic hopping game offers endless possibilities for children to work out during the breaks. Best of all, you always need more than one person to twist, so first graders will find new playmates faster. Fun for school kids! The rubber twist is available here, for example.

Do you know Flik and Flak? The popular children's watches have been manufactured since 1987 - and since then have helped millions of children to learn to read the time. Unlike other manufacturers, FlikFlak watches are based on a learning concept: Flik is the blue hand, it takes care of the minutes. With his little sister Flak, he plays catch clockwise all day long, even if he can only move one step in the same direction every 60 seconds.

A chalkboard can be used in many ways: for writing and arithmetic, for painting and writing. Just like at school, at home children have the opportunity to practice on the blackboard - or just to doodle a little. In any case, you save significantly more paper (a paper roll is also included here) if your school child lets off steam on the chalk board and not on the block. On the other hand, there is an additional magnetic board on the back for practicing and playing. You can find the board here, for example.

In contrast to "normal" tablets, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is particularly robust - this is made possible by the thick case. This means that the mini computer is better protected in the event that it falls down. The practical thing about the children's tablet is that you can set in advance what and how long your child can play with it. The device also has an ad-free media library that lists popular games, learning apps, videos, books and radio plays for children. The tablet is available here, for example.

Tip: You can find even more gift ideas on the subject of school enrollment here.

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