Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale: "Not much Christmas decoration" planned this time

Annemarie (45) and Wayne Carpendale (45) can be seen together on Boxing Day in "Traumschiff: Coco Island" (December 26, 8:15 p.

Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale: "Not much Christmas decoration" planned this time

Annemarie (45) and Wayne Carpendale (45) can be seen together on Boxing Day in "Traumschiff: Coco Island" (December 26, 8:15 p.m., ZDF). The presenter, who was born in Warnkross, and the actor and son of hit star Howard Carpendale (76) went to the Maldives. In a double interview with the news agency spot on news, the two reveal whether this could also be a goal for their private Christmas party with their four-and-a-half-year-old son Mads. They also talk about their new home, which has finally been completed, and they venture a small preview of the coming year, which has some professional highlights in store for him in particular.

Annemarie: Why not? But then with the whole, big family.

Wayne: Oh, this is going to be fun. Five Beach Villas for Christmas in the Maldives. I think there will be a few presents then.

Annemarie: Always with the whole family. For us, these are simply the days of the year when we can really all get together and spend undisturbed time together.

Wayne: Exactly, we just don't do anything there except eat, unwrap presents, play, talk.

Annemarie: And watch "Traumschiff".

Wayne: We just finished building the house. And the color Brique [a shade of terracotta, ed.] is very common in the house. I didn't know before that it was a color either, but I'm sure it will also find its way into the decoration here and there. But I only do the technical stuff myself. My wife is responsible for the taste.

Annemarie: You phrased that very nicely, darling! Brique, yellow, curry, mustard, pink... since our whole house has become one big play of colors, there won't be so many Christmas decorations this time, otherwise it'll be too much even for me.

Annemarie: We've been felling our own tree for a few years. The little ones should somehow understand that they don't grow in a stand at the Christmas market.

Wayne: And the Carpendales like to write Christmas cards, even if the addressee is right next to you. The Warnkrossies find that a bit strange.

Annemarie: Yes... That's why you love our raclette and fondue, grandma's crazy cake and all the other goodies there are. So! Incidentally, the Warnkrosses love raclette, while the Carpendales prefer fondue. That's why there's always both.

Annemarie: Fortunately, since Mads was born, the gift focus has been on him.

Wayne: Exactly. Before that, Anne and I were still the children who received presents, which at 40 is a bit strange at some point.

Annemarie: And the adults give each other a little something. Lately we have Secret Santa, so that not everyone gives X things to everyone.

Annemarie: Definitely far away. As long as Mads isn't in school, we'll take advantage of it.

Wayne: After building the house in the last 18 months, definitely a lot of days where there aren't 150 to-dos and every day is full of decisions about colors, materials and other construction things.

Annemarie: A lot of quality time as a family, more time for our Ukrainian foster children and our hand2hold initiative... And hopefully a little more peace in the world. That moves us a lot: Since the pandemic, I think some things have been going in the wrong direction: abortion ban in America, extramarital sex ban in Indonesia, a World Cup in Qatar... Freedom is our greatest asset and I wish that so much above all the people of Iran and all over the world.

Wayne: A very big wish would definitely be that we all talk to each other more again, without backing each other into a corner and pointing fingers at others.

Wayne: Right now it feels like everything is coming at once. At the moment you can stream me on Prime Video with the series "Peaceful Christmas" [starting on December 9th, ed.]. Well, not just me, but a few other very cool colleagues - Esther Schweins, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Valerie Huber, Timur Bartels.

And after the "Dream Ship" I get on for a few episodes of the ZDF series "Betty's Diagnosis". And then in the spring, in the truest sense of the word, there is another real heart project that I moderated - the dating show "Herz on Board" on VOX.

Annemarie: Which brings us back to a kind of "dream ship"... my little Cupid.

Wayne: Do I hear irony there?

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