Andreas Gabalier: The singer is now also editor-in-chief

The folk rock'n'roller Andreas Gabalier (38) now has his own magazine.

Andreas Gabalier: The singer is now also editor-in-chief

The folk rock'n'roller Andreas Gabalier (38) now has his own magazine. "This is something very special for me," he enthused, according to Austrian media reports at the presentation in Vienna. Around 100 invited guests came to the Red Bull Media House. The issue is entitled "Welcome to my steep little world" and is dedicated entirely to the Austrian star.

While the Gruner Jahr magazines by moderator Barbara Schöneberger (49) and designer Guido Maria Kretschmer (57) are being discontinued after four years, the Red Bull Media House is venturing into a new celebrity magazine. The idea came from the late Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz (1944-2022). "I owe this magazine to Didi Mateschitz, because it was a last wish in his will," said Gabalier during the presentation, as reported by the "Kleine Zeitung", among others. He also pays tribute to the deceased entrepreneur extensively in the magazine as his great role model.

According to reports, the magazine is about Gabalier's life and his private world: the Styrian writes about strokes of fate and the most important people in his life, shows his training plan and pictures of children. His older brother Willi Gabalier (41) and his mother Huberta Gabalier would have picked them out. She said proudly at the presentation: "I'm happy, excited and grateful. My Andi is a bringer of peace and a person of the heart." Gabalier wants to grant unembellished insights. "I tried not to blur."

But he doesn't just want to report on his life: "I also see the magazine as a platform to perhaps have a say here or there with one or the other critical report about our time," the "Kleine Zeitung" continues to quote him as saying. "It was also important to me with this magazine to bring society back together a little. It should be a goal of the new era to create a little less division and make a little less unimportant topics so big that people who are in these things might just have a different worldview than you do." He is already busy promoting his magazine on his Instagram page.

The magazine will be available in stores throughout the German-speaking region on Friday, April 21st. It comprises 148 pages and costs 7.90 euros. The initial circulation is 140,000 copies. Further editions are not planned for the time being, but Gabalier can well imagine that "somehow it will continue". "There probably won't be any regularity because it was extremely demanding for me. But it calls for a sequel, whenever," he quotes the "Kurier".