Amira Pocher in new podcast: “Then we would still be together now”

"I'm looking forward to the new man in my podcast life.

Amira Pocher in new podcast: “Then we would still be together now”

"I'm looking forward to the new man in my podcast life." With these words, Amira Pocher (31) not only welcomes her brother Hima Aly, but also the listeners to her new podcast “Dear Life - with Amira

Pocher explains that she never thought that she and her brother would one day have a podcast. "Yes, only because yours is now over," he replies. After the official separation in the summer, the couple later separated from their joint podcast "Die Pochers!" adopted.

It was a “great time” back then, for which she is also grateful, but she doesn’t think the end of the podcast was “too bad now, because it hasn’t been easy for me, especially in the last few months, to get along with a lot of people "We can still sit down on private topics and talk about everything normally and happily," she explains.

“Hey, Amira is always so dismissive,” many people would have heard - and then classified that as arrogant. "People can't understand that if, for example, you're completely quarreling and then say: 'Yeah, okay, but we have to deliver the podcast in an hour. [...] It's very, very difficult and that People also misinterpreted it." She just couldn't always hide it completely. And she didn't feel like reading the weekly headlines at all.

He is asked a lot about his sister's separation, says Hima. "You're separated now," he begins and Amira says, "I've been separated for a long time. Surprise!" a. "Officially, I don't know, for two or three months. And unofficially, you can imagine that you don't break up overnight - and then call the 'Bild' newspaper straight away. [...] That's what it's like a long process and of course the public doesn't know that."

The past two weeks may not have been “the most difficult of my life,” but they are already in the top three. Amira Pocher "reached my limits physically and mentally. That wasn't nice." One side is the media, but the other is “the interpersonal aspect,” which is “a completely different league.” "I care about the people around me. I care about the man with whom I brought two children into the world. I care about other parties who are now simply sitting in my chair without even speaking to me to have spoken a word before - or to have asked me how I was doing." Or it could be about others who simply didn't come forward. "That's what hurt me the most, the last few weeks - not the headlines."

Oliver Pocher has shown some conciliatory behavior on social media, but "just because a man makes a post twice and writes a few lines about it" doesn't make it any better. "They would have touched me even more if they had come in person. Maybe on the same day. But nothing ever came in person. And I think to myself the whole time: If Olli had invested so much strength and strength and fought so hard for our marriage, Like he's doing now for his own profit and to make me look completely stupid, then we would still be together."

After her 30th birthday there was the first “small turning point” last year. Her mother came to Amira in Crete and told her: "Amira, you have changed so drastically. You are so negative. [...] I don't know you like that. That's not you." At that time she threw around expletives. What her mother said to the presenter bothered her for weeks. At some point she thought to herself: "Mom is just right. That's not me."

Amira Pocher's brother saw a "fire" in the two of them at the beginning of the relationship. “Of course I loved him,” she confirms. It also hurts her when people doubt that. She eventually married the comedian and had two children with him.

And it was he who “more or less dragged her into the public eye”. "If you read our marriage contract, you would know exactly what I was aiming for: love. I didn't want any money, I didn't want any shared assets, I didn't want any real estate from him. I didn't want anything. I just wanted this Marriage and who live happily."

In the last few months, Amira has dealt a lot with herself, love and everyday life as a family. She now seems to be open to a new relationship. “On the subject of love, I can still say: I really feel like love now,” she explains. "So I'm so ready for love and I'm looking forward to love. I'm looking forward to butterflies in my stomach."

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