Almuth Schult: Another youth for national goalkeeper

Almuth Schult (31) is pregnant again.

Almuth Schult: Another youth for national goalkeeper

Almuth Schult (31) is pregnant again. This was announced by the national goalkeeper and mother of almost three-year-old twins in an interview with NDR. The baby is due at the end of August. Her family is very happy "that we are again expecting offspring," says Schult. "The death of my father-in-law in December made our family very sad and was very emotional for us." The pregnancy now lets everyone "look happier into the future. Fate sometimes has something positive for you, even in difficult phases."

After the pregnancy and the birth, she wants to continue her football career, Schult explains. "But of course we have to see how well this fits in with the new challenges in family life." According to NDR, Schult lives with her husband and children in a village in Wendland, Lower Saxony.

Schult was part of the ARD team of experts at the men's football World Cup in Qatar at the end of last year. From 2013 to 2022 she played for VfL Wolfsburg and won six German championship titles and eight cups with the club. Last summer she went to club Angel City FC in Los Angeles. However, her contract was not renewed and she left the club after less than a season.

Afterwards she had declared that she would not accept any new engagements for the time being. "Of course I didn't want to sign a contract with a club knowing I wouldn't be available in the second half of the season," she explains. She continued to belong to the squad of the German national team. "We're so happy for you Almuth!" the team's official Twitter account said. The team will now have to do without Schult at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand this summer (July 20 to August 20). The goalkeeper explains that she will miss a major tournament for the first time since 2011. "But the reason for that couldn't be nicer."