After two miscarriages: despite endometriosis: influencer Ana Johnson is pregnant again

Ana Johnson is one of the best-known influencers in Germany.

After two miscarriages: despite endometriosis: influencer Ana Johnson is pregnant again

Ana Johnson is one of the best-known influencers in Germany. On Instagram and YouTube, the 29-year-old takes her 1.3 million followers through her everyday life, including ups and downs. Her previously unfulfilled desire to become pregnant is taking up more and more space in the life of the influencer. She has been trying to have a baby with husband Tim Johnson for five years now. Johnson has already had two miscarriages and lost both embryos in the sixth week of pregnancy.

Having a child naturally? This is almost impossible due to their diagnoses, says the influencer on Instagram. Johnson suffers from endometriosis, adenomyosis and blocked fallopian tubes.

Women suffering from endometriosis can be infertile with an above-average frequency due to menstrual disorders – for example, cycles without ovulation or luteal insufficiency. If there are also endometriosis spots in the fallopian tube or ovary, this can lead to a blockage of the fallopian tube or even completely mechanically prevent ovulation. Disturbed natural chemical processes can also prevent pregnancy in endometriosis.

In adenomyosis, a subtype of endometriosis, the lining of the uterus is in the area of ​​the uterine wall. This can promote ectopic pregnancies and repeated miscarriages, which is why the uterus must be specially prepared for pregnancy.

Despite her diagnoses, Johnson does not give up the dream of having her own baby – and is now undergoing her sixth treatment in a fertility clinic. She recently shared an emotional video in which she shows how exhausting the treatments were for her: "The last four and a half years have changed me," she writes on Instagram. And further "I've been through so much and I've become realistic in my hopes. Still, I try to stay positive, do everything I can to turn my head off and believe in a miracle".

And her positive attitude is rewarded: Almost a week after her emotional post, Johnson found out about her renewed pregnancy. In a post, the influencer says: "The 6th attempt is positive... Probably the best Easter present of all time! We've known it for a few days now and still can't believe it...".

Nevertheless, she is aware of the challenges of the coming weeks, the experiences of recent years have shaped Johnson. "We've been at this point twice in the last few years. Unfortunately, we know from experience that we still have a long way to go before the critical phase is over (...)", writes Johnson.

She thanks her followers for their unconditional support and all the congratulations: "For the next few weeks, we'll keep our fingers crossed so that our crumbs grow diligently! The first ultrasound appointment is coming up next week... the emotional chaos is just beginning!

The influencer also lets her fans share in her anticipation in her Instagram story. "Hearing that feeling after 4.5 years: 'You're pregnant!' is so incredible. I'm so grateful to be able to experience that," enthuses Johnson. And reveals "It's the fifth week of pregnancy".

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