After the death of Tony Marshall: Son Marc speaks up

Pop star Tony Marshall (1938-2023) died at the age of 85.

After the death of Tony Marshall: Son Marc speaks up

Pop star Tony Marshall (1938-2023) died at the age of 85. His son Marc Marshall (59) has now spoken via Instagram. "Thank you, dad!" Wrote the 59-year-old to a picture of the hit legend. Other stars and companions also publicly mourn the "Beautiful Maid" interpreter.

Moderator Pierre M. Krause (46) published an excerpt from his SWR television show on Instagram, where Tony Marshall made an appearance. "Oh Tony. It was a pleasure to meet you and your wonderfully lovely family," the 46-year-old wrote. In his thoughts he is with the great people "who carried you in your fulfilling life and gave you a lot of love". "Now pour another one and sing up there until the clouds shake! Farewell, Tony!"

Olaf Malolepski (76), member of the band Die Flippers, has also publicly commented on the pop singer's death. "He was always joking, he was always funny and he was a great person," he said in a voice recording available to SWR. "Tony, we miss you." Moderator Micky Beisenherz (45) published an old record cover of "You know, I love you" on Twitter and explained with a wink: "I liked him best as Frankie Carbone in 'GoodFellas' Tony Marshall Horny guy." He is probably alluding to the similar hairstyles of the two.

The football club Karlsruher SC also said goodbye to a long-time supporter. "The KSC family mourns the loss of Tony Marshall. The pop singer and KSC fan died on Thursday at the age of 85," confirmed his management spot on news. He died surrounded by his loved ones.

After the death announcement, the SWR changed the program without further ado. The 30-minute documentary "Tony Marshall - My Last Dream" will be shown this Friday at 6:15 p.m., as the broadcaster announced. There will be a repeat on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. Kai Gniffke (62), SWR director and ARD chairman, is concerned: "All of us at SWR are very sad. For many years, Tony Marshall has given people in the southwest and throughout Germany a zest for life with his music." Marshall has now left the stage. "So that at SWR we only have one last round of applause for the artist and person Tony Marshall."

Born in Baden-Baden, Tony Marshall died on February 16 at the age of 85. The pop singer celebrated his birthday on February 3rd. Marshall had been struggling with health problems for a long time. He suffered from the nervous disease polyneuropathy, became seriously ill with Covid-19 and had to undergo emergency surgery in May 2022. He leaves behind his wife Gabi and three children.