Adele: Emotional appearance at James Corden

Great honor for Adele (34).

Adele: Emotional appearance at James Corden

Great honor for Adele (34). The singer is the star guest in the last edition of "Carpool Karaoke", the famous column from James Corden's (44) "The Late Late Show". Adele's good friend ends his engagement after eight years to return to his native Britain. The final broadcast will be on Thursday April 27th. There is also an extra-long "Carpool Karaoke" special on the day. The makers have already published the segment with Adele on YouTube.

Adele's guest performance literally begins with a bang. She wakes up her buddy Corden in his bedroom. Then, as always with "Carpool Karaoke", they drive through Los Angeles in the car - Adele at the wheel. Among other things, they sing their first hit "Rolling in the Deep".

When they get to the song "I Drink Wine," things get emotional. Adele reveals that part of the lyrics was inspired by a conversation with James Corden. In January 2020, Adele and her son Angelo (10) were on vacation together with Corden, his wife Julia and their children.

This time, Corden poured his heart out to Adele. That was irritating for the ten-year-old, since she always regarded him as an adult reference person. "The year before I left Simon, you and Jules and the kids took such good care of me and Angelo," Adele recalled - and burst into tears.

James Corden is also fighting back tears. He is overwhelmed that Adele has managed to turn his feelings about the time into art.

At the end of the excerpt, all floodgates break for Adele. She realizes that her good friend is about to leave the country. James Corden comforts her. He assures her that their friendship will transcend time and space.