Actress: Much more than just "Titanic": Kate Winslet turns 47

It had to be a little shock on the film set of "Lee".

Actress: Much more than just "Titanic": Kate Winslet turns 47

It had to be a little shock on the film set of "Lee". During the shooting of the film about the war photographer Lee Miller, which takes place in Croatia, the star actress fell.

Several newspapers reported on the incident and the brief hospital stay. But the all-clear was quickly given. Kate Winslet is doing well and will celebrate her 47th birthday unharmed this Wednesday.

Bullying attacks shape childhood

"Having curves is natural, feminine and real," Kate Winslet once said. She had to fight for her attitude and her self-confidence over a long time and with a lot of strength and suffering. At school, the actress, who was born in Reading in 1975, suffered severely from bullying attacks by her classmates. Her supposed corpulence was the reason. In the early years, stereotypical "fat schoolgirl" roles paved the way for her career.

But Winslet, who comes from a humble background but had short paths into the acting business thanks to her parents, who were also active as actors, knew how to present herself and turn the years of bullying into success. At the age of eleven she went to a theater school, at the age of 14 she became a serial actress. She left home at the age of 15 and went to London with her boyfriend - her first love - Stephen Tredre, who was 13 years her senior.

breakthrough and worldwide success

As of the mid-1990s, Kate Winslet was one of the greatest actresses in the world. In 1995 she celebrated her breakthrough in the Jane Austen film "Sense and Sensibility". She became world famous in 1997 thanks to her role as Rose DeWitt Bukater in the then most commercially successful blockbuster "Titanic", which was awarded eleven Oscars. Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, she would be in front of the camera several times throughout her career. At the premiere of the film, however, her seat was to remain empty. Her then ex-boyfriend, Stephen Tredre, died of cancer and was buried that day.

Over the years, she celebrated further successes thanks to engagements in other major productions. In 2007, she starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in the marital drama "Revolutionary Times." In 2009, her career peak was to come when she won the Oscar for best actress in "The Reader". This was followed in part by different genres in which she tried out. In 2014 she was seen in the science fiction production "The Destiny - Divergent", in 2016 in the drama "Hidden Beauty", most recently she played the leading role in the US crime series "Mare of Easttown".

Social commitment and blended family

In addition to her numerous films, Kate Winslet shows great commitment to socially disadvantaged families and takes part in many auctions and charity events to collect donations. She is a regular part of UNICEF campaigns and supports the animal welfare organization PETA.

Winslet has been married three times. She has one child with each of her spouses. Since 2012, Ned Abel Smith, also known as Ned RocknRoll and the son of a billionaire family, has been married to her and is a proud patchwork father.