Actress: Franziska Weisz about her new series “Who we are” and saying goodbye to “Tatort”


Actress: Franziska Weisz about her new series “Who we are” and saying goodbye to “Tatort”

Ms. Weisz, many people know you as an investigator from “Tatort”. In the ARD series “Who we are” you are once again portraying a commissioner. Do you like playing policewomen?Sure, a job makes a person, but I tend to look for character traits in characters, whether they appeal to me or not. It is more of a coincidence that it has become a commissioner role again. I was particularly interested in the conflict that police officer Catrin Kogan is thrown into: on the one hand, the love for her daughter, on the other hand, the loyalty and loyalty to her job. I found that extremely exciting and thought: 'Okay, then I'll play a police officer again'.

The series takes place in Halle an der Saale. Did you know the city before filming? I didn't know the city at all beforehand. It was my first time there and I was really pleasantly surprised. I didn't have a clear idea beforehand. I travel a lot by train and have passed through Halle several times. But you can't see how beautiful the city is. Most of the filming took place in Halle-Neustadt, but I lived in the old town and I found it really magical. I would have stayed there longer.

The series deals, among other things, with the topic of juvenile crime. This is not just an increasing problem in Halle. What experiences did you have there? In fact, a taxi driver told me about the topic on my second day in Halle. I didn't say why I'm in Halle. She started talking about juvenile delinquency on her own initiative. Then I thought: 'Okay, I'm in the right place at the right time. The topic is really relevant.'

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