Actors from "The Mandalorian": The "Daddy": Why Pedro Pascal got this sexually charged reputation

Nobody can get past Pedro Pascal right now.

Actors from "The Mandalorian": The "Daddy": Why Pedro Pascal got this sexually charged reputation

Nobody can get past Pedro Pascal right now. The Chilean-American actor recently excelled in two of the most important series roles: as Joel in the acclaimed hit series "The Last of Us" and as Mandalorian in the Star Wars story of the same name. In the US, Pascal also got the honor of appearing on "Saturday Night Live".

Above all, the 47-year-old got a stamp on the Internet: that of "Daddy", a quite sexually charged title. This label is a well-known phenomenon when an attractive, middle-aged actor becomes the focus of (often female) fans. Keanu Reeves also got the "daddy" stamp.

In Pascal's Falls there are several aspects behind it: First, his best "daddy" age. Then his undisputed good looks. In addition, there are Pascal's parade figures. He takes on the role of Protector in both The Last of Us and The Mandalorian. In the Star Wars series, his protégé is Baby Yoda, in "The Last of Us" the young Ellie, who is the only person immune to the poison of the infected and thus becomes the most important survivor.

The second role in particular comes with an incredible amount of violence – actually not at all paternal. Pascal's "daddy" image is more reminiscent of the old-fashioned protector with a loaded shotgun than an enlightened 21st-century father who might use words to solve problems. To keep young Ellie alive, Pascal's character tortures and kills Joel a lot. The paradox: as a spectator it's almost the same, the main thing is that the two can stay together.

The "Daddy" image has been wildly discussed in recent weeks, especially on social networks. "If you have a crush on Pedro Pascal, you don't have a crush, you have a father complex," one user tweeted. Others, in turn, criticize the image as sexist, since Pascal is reduced to his looks. Criticism that would probably bounce off some fans. "I want to feed him grapes. I want to fan him with the frond of a date palm tree from the forests of Lebanon. I want to find the alabaster bottle of perfume oil that a woman broke for Jesus and comb it through his hair," the fantasies say a Twitter user.

But what does Pedro Pascal actually say about his image? Just this much: It doesn't seem to bother him. During a polygraph test with Vanity Fair last year, Pascal admitted to sometimes looking at posts from fans who are in love when he's in a bad mood. He would also occasionally search his name on Twitter to find languishing memes. "Daddy is a state of mind," he also shared. So that would be settled.

Sources: "Vanity Fair" / Twitter

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