You forget about normal Sex and they make love again!

It's humid today. I'm sitting in Shorts and a Bikini Top to my Desk, I getüdelt the hair, now blonde, in a huge messy bun on my head, and to see my cats in fo

You forget about normal Sex and they make love again!

It's humid today. I'm sitting in Shorts and a Bikini Top to my Desk, I getüdelt the hair, now blonde, in a huge messy bun on my head, and to see my cats in for a Fight. I know exactly what I want to write, just not how. You will forgive me, therefore, if today's column is a little confusing.

At this point I write about from time to time (supposedly) new sex positions – crass, dirty, acrobatic. All with orgasm guarantee, is to say it as often, which I doubt. Because for some items it takes a step-by-step instructions, because they are so complicated. Not very height of point to be supportive, if you ask me. Now I would introduce you to anything that I find uninteresting or completely undoable. Well, if it's funny, I make a small exception. But there is something missing to me in all of the trendy bed is sports and to the I you – and me – with this Text to remind.

let's Make love again.

don't fuck. Make love. Hold on, close to be, quite familiar, the other in the eyes look, while a short Moment of one, laugh together, moaning, shaking – I miss that sometimes. You know, Sex gets you just as a Single woman in Berlin, thanks to Tinder at every corner. Literally. The not must by no means be bad, on the contrary. Only soul he has as good as never. And Sex without soul is what is described above Turnereien at the end of the day are: a Performance. (Also read: Sex with a person I hate? Can great

be) Like love when you're not in love?

at The Moment, but I'm not after Performance, but after something Real, that feels good, and I can grab it with both hands, not as a fragile stuff, only shards remain, if it is done with him. Just stupid, that I'm not even in love. So how to make love? Only the Tinder-Sex-Performance remains?

no. There's a lot more. You don't have to be in love don't have a Partner, time to make love. The secret is, you have to lean on other people. Not just a little bit, but with everything that you have in this Moment and is. Of course this works not with any Otto, but only with those who trigger something in us. What is, is not important. Only that it is there. Maybe you feel to this woman you met the other day, are physically attracted to. Maybe emotionally. It is important that you think a little more to you than you thought was possible. This is not infatuation, but it is a feeling that makes vulnerable. And vulnerability that makes love possible in the first place. Also the variant without the ... well ... love. (Also read: 6 unusual ways to bring a woman to orgasm

) Forget everything you've heard about good Sex!

And now? You can drilldown his Berghain-Yes bad at a Cup of coffee and a round of love invite make. Wait. If it takes you and these people that fascinates you, in your bed, forget everything you ever heard about good Sex and have read (Yes, my truly heartfelt advice) and do what you feel.

you want is the beautiful face of the woman, the Texting after two weeks of Whatsapp is finally next to you, in your hands and fingers over your lips to swipe? They make you kiss and watch while they tear each other's clothes off? They make you Forget the stories of your buddies, and big brothers, the lyrics of your favorite rapper – you don't have to fuck as a man aggressively, and as selfish to be good in bed. Don't have to unwind the basic program from kiss, grope, lick and stick, if you don't feel. Just as little must be how I, as a woman, is the submissive playmate, and a minimum of 20 minutes of bubbles, because Standard.

Be passionate, dedicated, dominant, submissive, selfless, vulnerable – just the way you are feeling. And then they allow you to come close to each other. Really close.

Maybe we know it on the way to the Ultra-Sexgöttern, to which we called us for the sheer amount of Sex trade and Who-forgot-the-Longest-attitude short, but I promise you this: love is like riding a bike. You don't forget it. Sometimes it is necessary to remember only, how to do it.

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Updated Date: 05 July 2020, 05:26

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