Women have come forward with wild stories: 'Verhagen took the fat on my neck'

Bogus-the Bernio Verhagens lies is far from only reserved for grønsværen. B. T. has been made aware that there is a community of women who have found together

Women have come forward with wild stories: 'Verhagen took the fat on my neck'

Bogus-the Bernio Verhagens lies is far from only reserved for grønsværen.

B. T. has been made aware that there is a community of women who have found together, because in the course of the past year have been the victims of Bernio Verhagens threats, violence or fraud.

Eight women - five women and three Dutch - have been each other's confidential, having had acquaintances with the former Viborg FF-play - in B. T.'s columns have been revealed in the lies and agentfusk.

Women want to be anonymous, but B. T. has seen and heard evidence in the form of screenshots, taped conversations and politianmeldelser, among other things, count life threats and computer fraud.

Common to women's experiences with the 25-year-old dutchman is that he, without batting an my - have lied to them all directly up in their faces about everything ... not the least of trickery-fodboldkarrieren.

"He is insanely manipulative. I have never met a person who can lie so vehemently. To find yourself in a situation where you become completely tongue-tied," says one of the three women who have chosen to come forward.

And it was a bomb, there were works in the small group, as Bernio Verhagen the 5. november suddenly was presented as a new player in the Danish 1. divisionsklub Viborg FF.

"We were all totally in shock. We could not understand how this could be done. It is so clear, that he is fake. Even us, who all have the sense of football, could see that he was not a footballer."

in Addition, the spread is also an acute concern to Verhagen, who for several years regularly stayed in Denmark, again came close.

"I got it terribly inside. 'What happens now', I thought," tells one of the girls, which in the past have received sms threats from Verhagen - just like her mother also has got an unpleasant call from the dutchman.

"I was skidebange, when he came back," says another of the women, who have not dared sleep in his own home, since Verhagen for two weeks indtelefonerede a threat to her father's workplace.

Everyone has several stories about hollænderens unpredictable so behavior.

tells to B. T., how Bernio Verhagen lied about a suicide attempt, after she had broken up with him.

She receives a message on Instagram from a Danish profile, jjespersen91, which states that he is one of the hollænderens Danish friends, and that Verhagen has been found unconscious and that they are now on the way to the hospital.

"We write back and forth, and I ask, what has happened, and so on. I'm totally in a panic, for I get a bad conscience. If my rupture with him has been that which caused the cup to tip over, so I would feel wildly guilty."

The Danish woman racing against Aarhus (denmark) and calling at the same time to the a & e department to hear if they have received a akutpatient, there is not a Danish citizen. But it rejects the hospital - no one can recognize this.

"I'm beginning to look the conversation through. The more rushed I am in my messages, the more the person on the other end it also. And there comes some completely weird spelling and korrektionsfejl, which is quite strange. Something, as someone who speaks Danish, would not do."

It turns out that it is Bernio Verhagen itself that is behind 'jjespersen91' - the profile still exists, but Verhagen has since renamed it to 'jemmalivernetta'.

- who has a daughter with Bernio Verhagen - tells the story of how she was going to have to contact the police in order to get fake the player out of his home.

Verhagen had been a falling out with his sambo in Aarhus, and, therefore, he asked if he could stay with the Danish woman for a few days before he was supposed to travel to Georgia.

It agree the woman in the. But as Verhagen popping up in the home in Randers, he has a Dutch companion - which the woman is not prepared for.

the Days go by, and the two Dutch lodger has no hurry to move on - they go to bed late and is up late in the afternoon

"And throughout the week, ignoring he complete my daughter. It felt as if the mental terror I had experienced in my relationship with him, came back. It was horrible."

One day overhear the woman a telephone conversation, where Verhagen talking ugly about her. She breaks into the conversation and adds that he certainly is not as innocent as he pretends. And so teeth Verhagen of.

"he could not tolerate. He becomes completely insane. Yell and scream at me, while I have my daughter on the arm. He takes hold of me, keeps me stuck and says that he is going to have to have our daughter."

But it refuses the woman - and then the 25-year-old dutchman even more ill-tempered.

"So it ends up with that he takes hold of my neck, so I eventually have to let go of our daughter, who is crying so much."

While the whole stands on, continues Verhagen his phone conversation. And since he has got she wrung her daughter out of the woman's arms, does he put himself down and talk further with the person on the other end of the tube - while the nine-month-old baby cries.

"He does nothing to comfort her. So I ask, if I may not get her back - but he rejects."

It goes so far, that she must call the police, who come out on the address and ask Verhagen to leave the dwelling.

tells how Bernio Verhagen attempted to blackmail her with threats of publishing some very private pictures.

Bernio Verhagen discover that the group of his former boyfriends are - according to the women he has hacked into on several of the women's Facebook accounts - and it makes him furious.

He creates a fake profile and threatening the woman to disclose the intimate pictures of her to her closest - if not she immediately stops the conversation with the other women from his past.

"He sends pictures to me from a fake profile - Viktor Fakes - and writes that he will send them to my family, my friends and my colleagues. He mentions some very specific colleagues, so there was no doubt at all that it is Bernio. And the pictures are also some I have sent to him."

"He also says that he has footage of me."

the Woman thinks quickly and inform the the fake profile that she has now received evidence of blackmail and threats, and that she will now put his lawyer on the case.

"And so I wrote his name: 'Bernio Verhagen'. And immediately gets the profile very defensive - 'Who is it? I know him not', he wrote."

He would still send the pictures to her family - but she gets him out and send myself the pictures to his family.

"I would not let me control him. It ended up that he deleted the profile soon after."

"But I know that he still has the pictures - and it is a very frustrating situation."

the Woman subsequently reported the matter to the police and is awaiting in the day continue to police the next step.

Bernio Verhagen were Wednesday dinner made in grundlovsforhør in the Court in Viborg, after he on Tuesday evening was arrested and charged with depriving his chilean girlfriend in a kiosk near the train station in Viborg.

He was subsequently remanded in custody for four weeks, and therefore have B. T. could not get his comment to the women's accusations.

B. T. have been in contact with Bernio Verhagens lawyer, Philipp Wagenblast Sørensen, who do not want to comment on the specific cases mentioned in this article. But she informs that Bernio Verhagen pleads not-guilty in all the circumstances, he is charged in.

Updated Date: 27 November 2019, 21:00

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