Wolfratshausen/Geretsried: So first Corona drops-balance the police | Wolfratshausen

, The two police inspections in Wolfratshausen and Geretsried to make our first Corona-between balance. In one of the two cities, there was 300 Ads. Wolfratsh

Wolfratshausen/Geretsried: So first Corona drops-balance the police | Wolfratshausen

, The two police inspections in Wolfratshausen and Geretsried to make our first Corona-between balance. In one of the two cities, there was 300 Ads.

Wolfratshausen/Geretsried – Since the beginning of the Corona-crisis, new rules and temporarily exit restrictions apply. As the police reported after the first loosening, behaved and most of the people behave in the district, although exemplary, always re-inspections of Wolfratshausen and Geretsried had to intervene anyway.

The service centre in Geretsried treated over 370 Ads because of administrative offences and violations of the Corona-rules: 38 in Dietramszell, 37, in king village and 300 in the largest city of the district. "In our service area, the control was intensified activities with the adoption of the regulations," says Geretsrieds Vice-Emanuel Luferseder on demand from our newspaper.

Geretsrieder inspection increased presence

On each of the days, the geretsrieder high drove Uniformed their presence, to check whether the regulation is complied with. This includes checking the trip transport included on the B11 and the state roads 2072 and 2369. "The objective of the trip transport in the direction of the South, respectively, of the corresponding return traffic in the direction of North was here," says Luferseder.

+ Emanuel Luferseder is the Vice of the Geretsrieder police inspection.©Archive

In most cases, you have a display refrain, "because a enlightenment or in some cases also belehrendes conversation to the rules of hygiene was sufficient". According to Luferseder the citizen in the "far majority of cases are" obvious. Only in a few cases, people have failed to persistently or willfully violate the new rules.

The people have perceived the increased presence. "From king's village, we get a feedback that the citizens welcome the even that we check regularly," reports of the departments-Vice. From municipalities of the Geretsrieder area had people asked the police about the current rules to enforce. Only in a single case, there were specific against the wind for the guardians of law and order: Luferseder learned "a private contact that there has been in the social media criticism to a control station of the us".

finger tip feeling instead of crowbar

Also in Wolfratshausen officials were more likely to receive encouragement as a rejection. "The result of the polls is deceptive. The vast majority of people accept the limitations and required Monitoring to the wolfratshauser police even,“ says Vice-head of Department Steffen Frühauf.

+ Steffen Frühauf is the Deputy Director of the Wolfratshauser inspection.©Archive

That the rules "represent the depth restrictions in the life of the people," the officials aware of: "With the necessary tact, some of the violations have not been punished, too," says Frühauf. Instead, the police had tried, in a personal conversation about the legal situation and the Corona-provisions to clarify. "The majority of people was-and is-trying to respect hygiene concepts as well as spacing rules."

In 170 cases, the display was in the wolfratshauser service area in the past few weeks, however, due. "In Egling, six were registered, in Eurasburg three, in Icking two, in munsing 71 and in Wolfratshausen 89 violations", counts Frühauf. The number in munsing fails in comparison to the other municipalities so high, he explains that the traffic police inspection because a home, the Operational supplementary services Murnau and the willingness of police controls on the A95 and the access led by. Violations to this day a thousand times, busy roads, can be assigned to the municipality of the area of munsing.

in addition to the usual controls under the week, the wolfratshauser police to increase on weekends, particularly in recreational areas, their presence. "With additional strips, we have responded to some of the strong-trip transport," says Frühauf. Especially in times of curfew, many people discovered apparently your Passion for Running, Walking, or Cycling. A popular destination is the Pupplinger Au, which was frequented by numerous cyclists, skaters and walkers was. The Starnberg lake, turned out to be, however, as a Hotspot for recreation.

In Geretsried met "people, especially young people to the relevant meeting points in the city," says Emanuel Luferseder. Some of them "could not or would not adapt their behaviour to the new rules", which is why the officials looked at regularly to these locations in the past. "In the case of recalcitrant repeat offenders appropriate charges were filed."

Less traffic, less criminal offences

The additional expense imposed on the officers during the Corona-crisis due to the increased controls, compensates for a positive side effect: Because people spend most of their time at home, happened less on the streets. And the Virus and its consequences slowed down, obviously, also Criminal. "In the past few weeks, the road traffic was significantly weaker than usual, and also the crime has declined since March," noted police Commissioner Frühauf. Mr Luferseder confirms this: "in Particular, the police work around the traffic decreased significantly after the excursion traffic had come in the first few weeks to almost a complete Standstill." However, his subjective assessments – "whether or not this perception is also reflected in the statistics, you have to wait".

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How to get stressed, handle it due to a decrease of the inserts to a "snapshot" as of now "we with the gradual loosening of the restrictions on significantly more vehicle traffic." A good message at the end: of The, some feared, a significant increase of domestic violence could not be observed, according to Emanuel Luferseder"".

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