Why the Corona of crisis is even a good message for Fans of Deep Purple

A bit of evil were the Fans of Deep Purple, Yes, as the rumors of an end of the Band, always put a firm and a clear denial just wouldn't come. After "inFinite

Why the Corona of crisis is even a good message for Fans of Deep Purple

A bit of evil were the Fans of Deep Purple, Yes, as the rumors of an end of the Band, always put a firm and a clear denial just wouldn't come. After "inFinite" (in 2017) and the associated Tour all but it was really clear: the Rock-the Institution is not allowed to leave the stage. To great Album and great Tour.

What was not to be, not what happened. And the reconciliation with the Band after the announcement of the new album "Whoosh!" can certainly be traced back quickly. Now the veterans of the rock music have holes, and the third at the Bob Ezrin-produced work in the start. And "Whoosh!", surprised: The rugged Rock of the previous albums have become more complex. The Arrangements are pompous. The Songs are playful. The Band, however, is very good to face!

Why the Band had to get carried away with more Bombast, what brought the fun of music and why Corona for Fans of the Band even good news could be: The Drummer Ian Paice explains in an Interview with FOCUS Online. EarMusic, The new Album, "Whoosh!" of Deep Purple appears on the 7. August

"Actually, we thought every Album: this is The last"

FOCUS Online Mr Paice, nice to talk with you again – I feared 2017 Yes, that there would be no other Album more. Whoosh is "" made a Comeback or were you never gone?

Ian Paice , it Is the last Album? The last Show? The last Tour? Actually, we thought every Album: this is The last. But I was really very surprised by the worldwide success of "Now What?!" and "Infinity". We had great fun making this record. So we thought: Why not add one record and another and another one! We have so many ideas. And it's so simple: If you have good ideas, is the Recording really easy. At least, if you're working with such good musicians.

FOCUS Online : So is the question of whether "Whoosh", the crowning completion of the Deep-Purple-'m Saying is nonsense?

email: Well, we can't go the next few months on Tour. Who knows why we write more music? And if she is good for: Why not release the Album? Ben Wolf

FOCUS Online : One of your first Songs, recorded at the end of the 1960s, was now interpreted for the new Album - why?

email: It is a musical circle from the beginning to the end: "And the address" was the opening track of our first album and the new interpretation of the i st of the last Song of the "Whoosh" – this should be our last Album, that would be pretty awesome, right? But then the world was crazy and put all plans on the head. We'll wait and see what completes the musical circle in the future.

"these are the moments that make a Song special,"

FOCUS Online : Could you imagine to write music over the Internet? Without that, all the musicians sitting in a room, as they have done with the last three albums with the producer Bob Ezrin?

email: We produce our music the old-fashioned kind. We could try it, but the result would be different. In the Studio, we feel an inner Cohesion. There are dynamics, I can push the Beat a bit. But I need to feel. These are the moments that make a Song special. Human. That would otherwise be lacking. We are not robots that move – we are people who react to one another.

FOCUS Online : What is the meaning of "Whoosh"?

email: We live on a wonderful planet that is very small and fragile. And we do a lot in here that is not good. Neither for us nor the environment, nor anybody else. We have the intelligence and the technology to be better. And if we are not, we would not be in the history of the universe more than a "Whoosh". There and gone again. We need to understand. The past months have shown how powerless we are. A small Virus can stop our society almost immediately.

"doesn't work when you are enjoying all the Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle,"

FOCUS Online The musical Arrangements are at the "Whoosh!" clearly orchestral – how did it come about?

email: We have to go back to the year 2013. Before The "Now What?!" we had really no desire, and no joy on the Record. The came back with Bob Ezrin. We worked so spontaneous, so live. In the case of "Whoosh" we wanted to try something New – more Studio work, more concept. Expand the horizon. So we have started various emotions and add items that are not otherwise find on a Rock’n’Roll Album.

FOCUS Online : you Have gained after 50 years of band history, a new Level of self-confidence?

email: Our self-confidence was always high. It was really rather fun, the we had lost. It will not work if you are enjoying all the Rock’n’Roll life style. This is now again. We feel on the stage like a group of children. Ok, maybe not so fast as then, but the feeling is there. This is wonderful and a gift. But it is clear that nothing is for eternity. Ben Wolf From left to right: Don Airey (Keys), Steve Morse (seated, guitar), Roger Glover (Bass), Ian Paice (seated on Drums), Ian Gillan.

FOCUS Online , I saw with joy that you post reaction Videos on Youtube. Hand on heart: How often do you think to yourself, "oh, I have this Beat was invented in 1970," ...

email: It is fantastic to see that our music and generations of musicians inspired – until today. What is clear is that to copy Something is so much easier than to invent it. This is the way I went as a Drummer and what I have built until today. I think it's great when young musicians play my music, and otherwise interpret it as a I – solutions I find exciting.

"When you get older, you realize: most of The days are similar"

FOCUS Online : What has your influenced Drum style and made one of the most important rock drummer in the world?

email: As a child, I heard the Roll not really Rock’n’. My father, however, was a very good Pianist. He heard a lot of music, Piano Trios and Big Bands – that influenced me. This Swing I learned to play first, and built him a Roll in the Rock’n‘. When I decided to become a Drummer, I started my musical horizons to expand and search for new solutions to musical problems. I found what I was in the Country or obscure Jazz. If you are not willing, you will not grow beyond the simple Holding of the rhythm also.

EarMusic, The Limited Edition of the new album

FOCUS Online : If there is one thing that you might transfer from the early period of the Band to the year 2020, what would it be?

email: (laughs) The fascination for the New. That each new day is a mystery waiting to be discovered. That you do every day, things you've never done. If you have to go through these years of youth, you have lost something, what is there in this time: The joy of every day. When you get older, you realize: most of The days are similar.

Unboxing of the Limited Edition of "Whoosh!" of Deep Purple, FOCUS Online Unboxing the Limited Edition of "Whoosh!" of Deep Purple

Date Of Update: 28 July 2020, 20:27

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