Where the Virus is far away: a corona-free destinations

The Virus that keeps us in suspense. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland – the population of the most popular holiday countries is just learning to deal

Where the Virus is far away: a corona-free destinations

The Virus that keeps us in suspense. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland – the population of the most popular holiday countries is just learning to deal with Corona. Where does one go back? The other end of the world or on the deserted island, literally. We recommend seven secluded places of refuge.

Baffin Island

to Turn off the noise of the world and go on nature channels.

The island is the fifth largest in the world and vis-à-vis Greenland, in the territory of Nunavut in the North-East of Canada. Large parts are covered by snow and ice. Also the sea in front of the coast is covered in miles of ice. Dramatically push up the glacier to the heavily indented coastline. Only 14 000 people live here, mostly Inuit. Amazingly, the many whales. The Narwalen you can listen to in the Arctic fjord landscape, to the Singing.

San Pedro de Atacama

Mighty Andean volcanoes towering behind the highest desert in the world.

San Pedro de Atacama is a small oasis community in one of the driest and most isolated landscapes in the world. The old village in the North of Chile is the starting point for tours in the Altiplano, the magnificent plateau, to the geyser fields of El Tatio to 4000 meters above sea level, to the salt lake Salar de Atacama, with its Flamingos and the spectacular valley of the moon (Valle de la Luna).

Isle of Skye

9000 inhabitants of the island and twice as many sheep to count.

to meet On the island in the West of Scotland, it is more likely to meet fairies and ghosts, as a people. The wind tousled with the magical light it's been told for centuries, and fairy-tale – inspired by the wild and romantic nature of the Atlantic island-struck to Say. And also, certainly, of an amber liquid that tastes peaty, malty and slightly sweet Whisky, here in one of the most famous distilleries of Scotland, Talisker is made.

Anambas Islands

The tropical Paradise is a hidden treasure.

With a lot of superlatives can decorate the Anambas Islands in Indonesia. But they are not crowded definitely. The more than a hundred coral Islands, which also include the Bawah Islands with an Eco-luxury resort, is located between the Malaysian mainland and Borneo. They are considered to be still largely undiscovered Alternative to the Maldives. Especially water sports fans can dive casual.


More than 60 percent of the archipelago North of the Arctic circle are covered by glaciers.

In the summer, the marshy Tundra in the interior of the main island does not pass through it, and sometimes the earth shakes: Yet Svalbard is a fascinating destination. Perhaps it is because I have discovered here in the polar nights, the green lights in sky, polar bears can come pretty close to Svalbard, the Norwegian territory is officially, today, as the largest laboratory in the world for Arctic research: leading the way for the Survival of our planet.

Vela Palagruža

This island is a pipsqueak of an island.

Only 0.3 square kilometers of the small Croatian island, which rises as a steep cliff from the sea, away from the home country of Croatia, just 124 kilometres South of Split. Since 1875, is a more important manned lighthouse in 90 meters of height. A Paradise of solitude, which is shared with a maximum of seven guests, and the lighthouse Keeper. The rented two apartments, under the signal light to guide the ships on the Adriatic sea the way.


if you have done it the first time, then, gives a the Rest of the world, once little.

Ometepe is the name of the island in lake Nicaragua in Central America. From Land you can see two volcanoes, distinctive and dominant out of the water to collect. The Nicaraguan Forecast after it are the Breasts of the beautiful chief's daughter Ometeptl. In these had fallen in love with Nagrando. The man came from a warring tribe, the love was forbidden. Out of desperation, the two Lovers suicide committed by opening his wrists. The blood filled the valley and covered her body. A lake was created. Only the breast of the chief's daughter protrudes out of the volcanoes Concepción and Maderas.

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