Where everything revolves around women

The Som Dona in Mallorca is not a property like any other. Women Only Hotel's façade is in bold letters at the House. The in Porto Cristo, located four-star ho

Where everything revolves around women

The Som Dona in Mallorca is not a property like any other. Women Only Hotel's façade is in bold letters at the House. The in Porto Cristo, located four-star hotel has opened in June 2019 its doors exclusively for women and girls from the age of 14. The Spanish hotel chain Som provides comfort and relaxation to the centre and is directed according to the Website "women who want to relax from the Stress of everyday life".

A healthy kitchen and a sports and Wellness program in this "unique atmosphere, specially designed for women," of course not missing. The Drinks are mixed by a bartender, the Pool from a lifeguard supervised. Judging from the Internet Reviews, seems to be the Hotel to make a good impression. "Unobserved Topless by the Pool – goes very well here, unless it's someone over the wall looking" white reports a guest on a booking platform with a wink to.

A pure women-the Hotel is in Germany, but also in Switzerland, the demand for women's holiday felt. In the Goms in the beginning of the year, invited the Ski + Velo-Center to the "long-running and Yoga weekend (for women only)". And the Berner provider Tauchsport Käser wife goes regularly under the name of Tschiggi Diving diving in Swiss waters.

Markus Meier, General Manager of Kuoni sport, in such a women-holiday in a long-term Trend that will intensify in the coming years. "Women just want to be a long weekend or even for a whole week," he says. In the offer of sports travel specialists is a "Ladies Booty Camp" on the island of Crete, or a Yoga-and-Fitness-stay in the Lenzerheide are to be found.

Women Travel sets for 30 years on women travel

From the great potential of this travel, it seems even when you travel, and adventurers-to – be book publisher for National Geographic, he accounted for the phenomenon of "Women only Traveling" as one of the top travel trends to 2020. From "international fast-growing market" is the speech. This is not only the composition of the groups, without men – but increasingly also increasingly the focus of the trips. "Women want to support other women" is about quoting an organizer. Therefore, for example, increased travel Guides would be recruited, or visits in the case of women-supported organizations and Cooperatives in the program included.

Here men are not permitted: Hotel Som Dona in Mallorca. Photo: PD

this is Exactly what the travel businesswoman Sonja Müller Lang, and have been for already three decades. Around 60 trips in Winterthur, Switzerland-based tour operator for Women Travel each year. "I was at a young age, often alone, with the backpack on-the-go, have travelled, for example, on several occasions, the United States alone. In my environment, women always came back to me, and were great – but too much respect for it had to take a trip yourself on your own", allows you to reminisce. That's where the idea originated, travel for women – "the kind where you experienced something," as a passionate travel organizer emphasized.

Exclusive access to other cultures

most of The Women Travel tours and travel in the Orient; to India, China, Morocco or Oman – the current Bestseller. The woman stands not only as a visitor in the centre, but also in the travel program. "As a women-only group, we get access to Locals, as it would be in the presence of men is impossible," says Sonja Müller Lang. So your trips are not just to attractions, but it also includes visits to women's Cooperatives and craft workshops, or a cozy tea-time with local women. "Our participants are interested to learn how the daily life for women is like," says the entrepreneur. Interest and curiosity are based often on reciprocity, and so also the life in Switzerland is discussed.

On the wishes of women Yoga focused: on the beach. Photo: Unsplash

Why travel and holiday offers for women currently, high-stimulus experience, for Müller, the Length is easy to explain: "As a woman of today, I am much less restricted than, for example, my mother or grandmother were there." And: "We will conquer Terrain, have more money available and want to experience things. We are still in the #MeToo-age." It is now understood that the woman is always stronger self-realization. At the same time, there is a heightened awareness of the situation of women in other cultures, man (woman) is interested in its counterpart in the host country.

Hotels often on business targeted to men

Also in the selection of the Hotels Müller, Lang and her Team proceed very carefully. "We have found that women have higher claims and a lot of value on comfort. It is not a 5-star must be the Hotel, our participants appreciate beautiful and well-maintained accommodations." Boutique hotels are therefore high in price. And: it can sometimes happen that the trip leader inform the Hotelier, but the cabinets (and more) to assemble hangers. In addition, older Hotels are often aimed at business men, for example, a bar – while women would rather prefer a cosy Café.

And yet another Trend, according to Sonja Müller Lang: The increasing demand for independent travel is rising steadily. Organised tours so the can compete with clients alone or in a private group, and from the same Trip leaders and program points benefit, as the participants in the group travel. "The needs are of a woman varies from woman to woman – there are those who want to travel individually, but there is simply no time for planning and preparation. Others are not a Fan of group tours, or the data are inappropriate." One way or the other, in all of her travels, Sonja pursues Müller in Length a clear credo: "women should be more visible."

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