When Bernard-Henri Lévy puts Eric Zemmour knock-out - The Point

Let's get ready to rumble, bellowed the speakers of boxing in the arena heated to white America bushienne... let us Prepare for battle ! Well, I must say that

When Bernard-Henri Lévy puts Eric Zemmour knock-out - The Point

Let's get ready to rumble, bellowed the speakers of boxing in the arena heated to white America bushienne... let us Prepare for battle ! Well, I must say that I was not ready, not fucking ready for this show. I did not expect the crossing zemmourien new yellow lines. I said to myself : "It's like tennis, a good player will play well only when he has a good partner ; Zemmour with Lévy will therefore be better than usual. "But alas... Error and fourvoiement. How many low blows on the part of the opponent ? As you know, Éric Zemmour is not a partner, he is a declared enemy.

So, now, I'm not going to gloss on the speech of Bernard-Henri Lévy, and prefers to say my feeling. I would have liked to be there, in the studio, for the support – he's doing very well all alone, there is not the question – since-the-scenes, and say to him a look : "We do not know, or so little, but I'm on your side, the honor is leaning towards you, and no matter what you say, today or tomorrow, and it is except. "Because I can't bring myself to what Lévy is a single man, an exception, with a word isolated, more so when I hear Eric Zemmour, whose rumour has it that it is very listened – but that is to be followed by the likes of the fachosphère ?

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All, Friday night started very badly.

The shot of the mere dandyism. Amazement to see the philosopher-writer accused of being a " dandy hedonist ", has suddenly become reaction for the occasion, apostle repressed Trump and Orban, and, by force of reasoning, infoutu to understand those who are " in the coal ". I'm not going to dwell on it, because the worst is yet to come. But I admit, from this opening, have laughed. Not this sneer from below, which we give in so easily today. But a laugh frank ! Because I know quite well the work of Bernard-Henri Lévy. And because any person who read, really read, cannot seriously assert such a thing. What chutzpah ! Because his books, his documentaries, say the opposite. The empathy. Compassion. The risk. A dandy ! And then what else ? A dandy, with a pen in each hand and the feet in the shit. The proof is in the text. Go and see.
The shot of the butter. After the side " coal ", the correct instance proverbial butter, the butter's money and the crémière. We know by heart. It is well. It made people ! And it shows. It is the purpose of Zemmour. So, what butter, what does it do ? To lubricate and fold over what a thought soft ? To coat what a horror ? I laughed : I bous, now, rage. Globalization processes, flows of people, of internationalism, of cosmopolitanism... And then this story of border-like walls are views of the mind and are only there if they are crossed by the body. Always the same bread and butter of selfishness gauls. There's nothing new under the sun this midnight of altruism. But a word. And what a word ! "Our invaders ". This idea that men, women and children of the island of Lesbos, would be at the gates of Europe, waiting in the filth of the toilets to the West, to come and trample our land. And then what ? Go ! Say so ! Because that is truly what that means : eating the bread of the French ! This is despicable. To believe to the viewers that these few thousands of unhappy, our brothers and sister in humanity, are a wound without a name, without a place, but in the face of malicious thief flag blue-white-red, is a moral failing. A shame ! Éric Zemmour : the bard of the Everything-for-my-mouth. Bernard-Henri Lévy : incarnation of the All-for-others. If we stick to (I'm not even talking about love) a little bit a neighbor here or there, we can only recognize one thing : in this debate, the first overrides the second, dignity.
The shot of the good nazi. Five minutes pass. The tone goes up on the board, Christine Kelly (former member of the CSA, I wonder what she thinks in the face of the logorrhée his accomplice). Myself I don't want be all over the place, at home, in front of my tv screen. I woke up, I had to make at least a hundred steps in a few seconds, eyes wide, a hand on my forehead, which pearl nervousness. What ? The German soldier of the Wehrmacht was my brother ? And that of the Schutzstaffel ? Even black thought. The same culture of hatred. The Godwin point is reached. Stop ! Not that ! On the bottom, I don't know what to say. I am aghast. I no longer have the means to think. Didactic, dialectical and the argument disappear. It is in my body as it happens. I did negotiate more with my mind. And at this exact moment, Bernard-Henri Lévy replied, reproaches, and he's right. I would like to see it continue, never stops as his opponent has not changed his mind. I would like it to make it bend. But the front of the shame is hard, it is a front of beef that does not give in and sinks into a stupid huge and inaudible, unbearable. He does not retreat. The author of The Ideology of the French find the words. Response. It is a mystery : how does he do it ? Me, I would like to scream. I take advantage of it. Jean-Toussaint Desanti explains in The Philosopher and the powers : "The bias manifests itself as a requirement of rupture, as an awareness [...], a requirement of breakage. This is the time where you say : “I can not incorporate to the surrounding world in the usual way and passive ; I can't just let things go, let it flow.” [...] It is the party taken in the strong sense and that is born from this question : what is it that I can't stand ? What is it that I can endure ? "I'm here.
The shot of the tree species. No, Mr. Zemmour, George Floyd was not a " poor boy ". It was a man. It was not a black. I repeat, I insist : it was a man ! And I am grateful to Bernard-Henri Lévy, you have reminded firmly to this fundamental principle of anti-racism, to which I subscribe with both hands : the race does not count ! It should not be a subject. I'll go even further : for me, the race, it doesn't exist. Of men and women. Point. To this I add that the use by Zemmour, this Friday evening, the word was filthy. I object to adding, in the words of the publicist, sub-titles ? So much the worse. Will for subtitles. Three white men, says Zemmour, were killed a few days ago. Silence of opinion. "However, they were homosexuals ! "But before it can be gay men, they were men, too. And we felt, to me, it seems, at this time, the enjoyment zemmourienne of essentialization. I hate this cult of closed. So thank you, Bernard-Henri Lévy to bear arms, this idea of universal brotherhood.

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The shot of Trafalgar at Monte Cassino ? Miserable.
The democrats libyans "illiterate" ? Hatred and contempt. No comment.

Here, in a few words, some emotions that I shattered yesterday. This are only emotions. I would like to say more, and better. But I'm so speechless, aghast, that these few words have at least the value of their sincerity and of their spontaneity. This is not a word expert. This is a man who believes that we must, more than ever, shaking up some of the ideas capital letters : Humanity, Brotherhood, Universality. Any man who defends it deserves respect. Bernard-Henri Lévy, by his generous spirit, solidarity, in the face of the enormities dangerous of his opponents, has put Eric Zemmour knock-out. I leave you, and am going to re-read Levinas, and a few pages of Oh you, human brothers Albert Cohen, to wash me of this episode disgusting fascism uninhibited.

* Felix Roy was 22 years ago. He is a student at the Sorbonne-Paris-4 and preparing a master 1 in French literature on " The role of the French intellectuals during the war in Bosnia ".

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