What are we celebrating on the feast of corpus Christi 2020? In which States is a holiday? | World

What are we celebrating on the feast of corpus Christi 2020? Where is holiday? Here you will find everything to date, significance, customs and traditions of th

What are we celebrating on the feast of corpus Christi 2020? In which States is a holiday? | World

What are we celebrating on the feast of corpus Christi 2020? Where is holiday? Here you will find everything to date, significance, customs and traditions of the feast of corpus Christi.

corpus Christi is traditionally celebrated on the second Thursday after Pentecost. However, in which Federal States of Germany, corpus Christi a holiday ? Here you get the information to date, the importance and the traditions of corpus Christi .

The feast of corpus Christi is a highlight in the Catholic Church year. No other holiday the Catholic Church was unfolded to the public so a lot of Baroque-splendour grace: On the feast of corpus Christi the faithful to worship and celebrate under the open sky and draw in colourful processions, singing and praying through the streets. In the Corona-2020 restrictions apply in this respect, of course. For example, the traditional processions in the district of Miesbach, how Merkur.de* reported.

The date: when is corpus Christi in 2020?

feast of corpus Christi is celebrated on always on the second Thursday after Pentecost . Pentecost is 2020 on Sunday, 31. May. the Therefore, the feast of corpus Christi in the year 2020, falls on Thursday, 11. June.

corpus Christi 2020: the importance of the Catholic celebration tags

The corpus Christi festival commemorates the last supper of Jesus with his disciples. The Name means "body of the Lord".

corpus Christi derives from the middle high German word "vronlichnam" and means Fron (= men's) corpse. So the contemporary German figurative meaning of the Catholic high strength "body of the Lord".

In the center of the Catholic holidays, the Eucharist, the conversion of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ is .

Back to the feast of corpus Christi goes on a Vision of the Augustinian choir woman Juliane of Liege in the year 1209. In the prayer, they saw the moon with a dark spot. Later this was interpreted as a Symbol for the Church year missing to the worship of the Holy Eucharist. In 1264, Pope Urban declared IV. of corpus Christi to the Church holiday.

On the feast of corpus Christi takes place in addition to measure the numerous processions. Here, the "body of Christ" will be shown in the Form of the host open to the public. Under the so-called "heaven", a canopy of embroidered fabric, carry spiritual, the "body of Christ" through the streets and fields.

A procession, there was, perhaps for the first time in Cologne - presumably between 1274 and 1279.

What is corpus Christi? Why is committed the holiday?

Traditional processions at corpus Christi 2020

The Feast is to bear witness to the Faith publicly, In a most elaborate chasuble dressed, wearing the priest in a monstrance, the "Holy of holies". Behind the priest the faithful in a procession through the streets. It is sung and prayed.

especially in rural areas, is to fight back corpus Christi a large social event: clubs such as fire or traditional costumes, but also the first communion children in their festive clothing participate in the procession. The houses along the procession routes are decorated with flags, garlands and colorful flowers, and in some places altars are in the streets constructed and elaborate flower carpets decorated.

corpus Christi 2020: In which States is a holiday?

corpus Christi is one of the high feasts of the Catholic Church. Therefore, the second Thursday in the Catholic provinces a legal holiday . Workers have free. Corpus Christi is a public holiday in:

Bavaria Baden-Württemberg Hesse Rhineland-Palatinate North Rhine-Westphalia Saarland

In these länder, corpus Christi 2020 is not a holiday

In this Protestant-dominated Federal States of Germany is corpus Christi 2020 is not a legal holiday, but a day .

the Berlin Brandenburg Bremen Hamburg Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania lower Saxony Saxony-Anhalt Schleswig-Holstein

These States have) special arrangements for the holiday of corpus Christi

In some municipalities with a predominantly Catholic population in the countries of Sachsen (determined by the corpus Christi regulation and Thuringia (in the entire district of Eichsfeld, and in the Eichsfelder villages in the Unstrut-Hainich district, and Parts of the Wartburg circle) is corpus Christi, a public holiday.

In other countries and regions, there is special rules, such as Catholic worker is entitled to unpaid leave and for Catholic school children are eligible for tuition exemption. The Catholic agencies, such as Caritas, the rules in their respective areas, all-day work for all employees.

So Catholics in Germany corpus Christi

jam at corpus Christi: Long weekend leads to full streets

Traditionally, the corpus Christi for short trips, is used in the Green or in the mountains like. Others will launch on Wednesday, thanks to the long weekend - a long weekend.

starting Wednesday, the ADAC expects full highways and traffic jams risk.

corpus Christi also in Austria and Parts of Switzerland is a holiday: the risk of traffic Jams!

in Both Austria and Parts of Switzerland, is the feast of corpus Christi is a public holiday. Therefore, the motorist must here, too, with heavily-used transit routes, expected , especially from Saturday in a northerly direction because of the return traffic. For Switzerland, the ACE called, the Gotthard route as a priority. The traveller should be set in front of the South portal of the Gotthard tunnel, and starting on Saturday morning on wait times and block clearance.

At the border crossings in the direction of the USA , more time must be scheduled. Motorists should carry a valid ID with them. This applies especially for children. Current waiting times at the Crossings Suben, Kiefersfelden and Walser mountain, the website of the Austrian motorway company Asfinag on your Internet page.

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