What Ramon Roselly with new music means

"Matter of the heart" was a Hit His first Album "matter of the heart" and a Hit (100,000 sold after only 8 weeks!) and it doesn't need Florian silver iron

What Ramon Roselly with new music means
"Matter of the heart" was a Hit

His first Album "matter of the heart" and a Hit (100,000 sold after only 8 weeks!) and it doesn't need Florian silver iron, to give it a great career to predict. Perhaps, however, necessarily Dieter Bohlen. The has made with his Produjktionsteam a sophisticated Mix of ancient 70s hooks from world-renowned Hits to Roselly-concept. There is no one in the German-speaking area who does this.

For the Younger, this is all new, and the Elderly clap their hands: "Oh, that sounds like, like, um – Oh, man, I'm on it..." (Here we'll tell where plagiarized Screed!) Well anyway, at that time still "right hand made music". And nothing sounded the same as today, with the usual Euro-Pop-Schlager-uniformity. There are today only a few exceptions.

Ramon Roselly is on the ground,

What Ramon particular: He doesn't need a Chi-Chi, he looks in contrast to all the snobbish men in the industry, refreshing, masculine, takes itself not at all important – on the contrary. There is not a Moment goes by where Ramon expresses his deep gratitude, for every appearance on television, for encounters with the Big names in the scene. And again and again for its ever-growing loyal fan base.

Now, the 26-Year-old announced at the weekend in his Insta-Story new music. Like what? A year and a half after the publication of the No. 1 album a new plant? No, really? Screeching alarm!

Re-Edition Fanbox?

to clarify with the customs and practices of the music industry is more Familiar. "A new Album will not give it definitely. The debut is still running much too well,“ says the industry expert, to klatsch-tratsch.de. "Usual, a Re-Edition with three to seven completely new Songs to the sale again to boost. And maybe also a slightly more Fan-Box.“

klatsch-tratsch.de/Nico Schimmelpfennig klatsch-tratsch.de

The would have to pay Ramon in view of the fast-growing Instagram customers (currently about 130.000) also deserves. "With the new, extended albums, you can cash in again at the Fans, who have the work anyway and it is convincing but also more Economical, something that will get more music for the same price," the Insider continued.

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And otherwise remain? Next year Ramon to go on Tour. However, for the time being, not alone, but together with its conveyor Florian silver iron and the Big names in the industry: Thomas Anders, Matthias Reim, Marianne Rosenberg, Jurgen Drews. What he wants more?

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Date Of Update: 03 August 2020, 17:26

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