Weather in Bayern: forecast for the weekend is likely to upset many in Bavaria

weather in Bavaria: The people in the free state can look forward to is currently over the sunshine and high temperatures, but a shift in point of view. weath

Weather in Bayern: forecast for the weekend is likely to upset many in Bavaria

weather in Bavaria: The people in the free state can look forward to is currently over the sunshine and high temperatures, but a shift in point of view.

weather *: Finally, it looks like this: the summer is coming to Bayern. However, in some regions in the free state of the weather* remains unstable. It storm*, rain and even gusts of wind*, threaten - the German weather service warns.

Update 11.54 am: soon it could be in Bayern quite uncomfortable - already for the Friday afternoon, Thunderstorms are announced (see below). The German weather service ( DWD ) now warns in Parts of the free state prior to "striking weather". This alerts the level two apply primarily in the region around Sonthofen and Oberstdorf Start caution is advised for the weekend.

weather in Bavaria: the forecast for the weekend is likely to make many sour

Update, 26 June, 9.01 PM: of sunshine, high temperatures, warm nights. In Bayern has been shown in the last few days of the summer from its most beautiful side. But by the time the weekend could change in a lot of regions. Already on Friday afternoon to spread over the Allgäu first Storm , raising then the whole Alpine foothills.

In the night on Saturday, then meets the North of Bavaria. The Saturday starts in the South, often Sunny and friendly, in the North, still cloudy with some showers. In the course of the day, it comes, according to the meteorologists, again, to storms throughout the free state at temperatures between 25 degrees in the Eastern uplands, and 30 degrees on the Main. On Sunday the picture is similar: After a lot of sun Storms and showers come from the West again.

weather in Bavaria: Violent storms coming! Drastic warning for several regions

Update, 25. June, 15.40 PM: In some Parts of Bavaria it could be now really uncomfortable - the German weather service (DWD) announces on Thursday afternoon, severe weather warnings level 3. Tough the situation might be, according to DWD around parish churches , Mühldorf and Altötting - also in Deggendorf and Freyung, caution is required. Here are the warnings before the storms of stage 3 shall apply.

Also the Bavarian district of Ebersberg is warned of in the upper . The German weather service warns here before "striking weather", a warning the stage 2. Similarly, these DWD-warning for the majority of the upper Palatinate as well as for space Passau applies .

Bavaria weather: "protective measures strictly necessary" - for the next few days could be uncomfortable

original message:

summer has finally arrived in Bavaria, nevertheless, he warned the German weather service (DWD) in front of "unusually high values". The forecast for the next few days: On Thursday strong> clouds and rain some Storm in Bavaria heavy rain between 25 and 40 l/sq. m. is not excluded (STORM)," writes the DWD more.
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Bavaria weather: sun in the free state, DWD warns: "the protection measures are strictly necessary"

In the Rest of Bavaria by dragging from the North, some clouds. There are long Sunny periods with maximum temperature between 21 and 28 degrees are expected. For the South of Bavaria an official warning from the DWD in front of increased UV-intensity is, therefore, again. This applies between eleven and 17. It States: "The UV-radiation reaches unusually high values. Protection measures are absolutely necessary. Between 11 and 16 PM you should avoid prolonged stays Outdoors. Also in the shadow of a sun-proof shirt, long pants, sun cream (SPF 30), sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat for the sun are righteous behaviour“

+ weather in the free state: some parts of Bavaria are warnings.©Screenshot of the German weather service

weather in Bavaria: showers, Thunderstorms and Gale-force winds

threaten On Friday, it is often Sunny, some Cumulus clouds appear in the sky. In the course of a day, in Swabia and upper Bavaria , the occasional showers and Thunderstorms at Alpine , it is possible. The maximum values are 24 to 31 degrees, the warmest it's supposed to be in the Aschaffenburg region.

Also on Saturday, the weather is changeable it is. In the North of Bavaria, showers are expected with the storms. To the South of the Danube, but it is probably at least in the morning, often Sunny. In the afternoon local showers and Thunderstorms threaten, then, of the Alps. There are also wind gusts cannot be ruled out.

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section list image:©Screenshot of the German weather service

Updated Date: 26 June 2020, 06:34

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