We need to adapt a bit

The biography of Diana Foster reads like a screenplay: 1954 born in Prague, grew up as part of an impoverished noble family in modest circumstances. Early on, s

We need to adapt a bit

The biography of Diana Foster reads like a screenplay: 1954 born in Prague, grew up as part of an impoverished noble family in modest circumstances. Early on, she dreamed of fame and fortune, and persuaded her mother eventually escape to Germany. With 23 years hired Foster as a dancer in a table dance Club, and later she worked as a singer, restaurateur, wine merchant and club owner - but with the Famous it wanted to flap never. Until now. At the tender age of 66 years, Foster starts under the name of Rich Nana for a Rap career, and with the first Single "Papi Chulo" landed a Hit with TikTok. But there is still a lot more to come, as Foster explains in an Interview.

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teleschau: Udo Jürgens once sang: "the age of 66, life begins". He was right?

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Diana Foster: I don't know how he got it, but now that I'm also 66, I can say that he was right. We often allow ourselves to go, we adapt to the young people, because we are so retracted. I always wonder: Where are the Hippies with whom I assumed to be early am? In Switzerland, people sneak in my age, in brown and Khaki through the streets. A bit of color, a bit of adjustment or even a Instagram Account were really not bad for the Old. You need to pull yourself together and finally start to live.

Rich Nana / PR tele show

teleschau: you start at the age of 66 of a Rap career. How did it come about?

Rich Nana / PR tele show

Foster: I always wanted to sing. In the past I have tried a couple of times, but no success had. In 2016 I met Cricket me in Pristina with the producers. The Kosovars are making really good Songs. Cricket said to me that I was so unique, I must do something. So I have set up for me in my town house in Berne, a recording Studio. So I have to do something, because otherwise I would be in retirement. If it is not used, rusted one, or you will be depressed.

Rich Nana / PR tele show

teleschau: "Papi Chulo" is the name of their first Single. This means as much as "Sugar Daddy", or?

Rich Nana / PR tele show

Foster: Not necessarily. It means "Daddy Cool". It's just a funny Song. We brought him in, because now the summer and he is a bit gaga. So he goes viral, which is not the case.

Rich Nana / PR tele show

teleschau: To TikTok, the Song was able to generate nine million Views. Your declared aim of the US-American Billboard Top 100 Charts ...

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Foster: but I can do that! I know in the US many people who work at the Radio. Want to take my next Song "Money" in their play lists. I've already got seven Songs and four Videos finished - there's one comes after the other. My other Songs sound different than the "Papi Chulo", which are real Rap.

teleschau: Why, of all things Rap?

Foster: Because it suits me. I was in between the Swiss Heidi and had a contract with Koch Records, but I never felt comfortable with it. I've tried many things, but this suits me.

"I'm not as Donatella Versace,"

teleschau: The Name of Rich Nana implies a certain amount of Glamour. Had you live a glamorous?

Foster: I had a glamorous life with lots of travel, luxury hotels and yachts. But this was not always so. I was born in 1954 in Prague. In the grey of communism growing up, I did not like at all. Originally, my family was noble, but under the Communists, my grandma had to go to the horse stable, and the house was converted into a children's home. My mother was divorced, and in between, I was also once in the children's home.

teleschau: did you have to break out early on the desire?

Foster: Oh, Yes. My uncle was a dancer in the national theatre. I was so much among artists, and always, when not working, I went to the stage and introduced me, that from me something is. As in 1969, the borders opened, I said to my mother: We gotta get out of here! You said, "Why, that's our home, and Prague is such a beautiful city". But I've knocked so soft for a long time, until we took a Bus to Bremen.

teleschau: How was it for you?

Foster: With 23, as I was with the vocational school finished, I moved to Switzerland. At that time I had already recorded my first album - a beautiful song, but unfortunately it was nothing more. In the Bremen Club "Gaslight" I had met a Striptease dancer from Los Angeles, who said I should go to Switzerland because I could sing and earn a lot of money. When I arrived in Zurich, it was called then, but "Here is not sung. You can topless dancing to the music, but a microphone is not for you" (laughs).

teleschau: singer, restaurateur, wine retailer, club owner - the list of things you have done since then is long.

Foster: I have done everything possible. I have sold jewelry and watches, and people advised due to cosmetic surgery. I'm not as Donatella Versace, but look totally natural. I also married a man who was 18 years younger. The Club that I had, I have power in the meantime. Instead, I let me now TikTok-Studio and a photo Studio set up.

teleschau: to rotate the Video for their first Single "Papi Chulo", they flew to Havana. Enough money for such actions, you probably have - it means you were a millionaire?

Foster: I have already clear of money. But so expensive, the video was not rotating. When I fly in the holidays, it costs something. And I wanted to take a vacation in Cuba. Gil Green, Video Director, lives in Miami, for him it fit so great. About the model Agency of a friend, we held a Casting. In Germany, the me would have cost such a rotation is likely to be much more.

"I don't wonder that the Old go to the barricades"

teleschau: Video Director Gil Green has worked with Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj and Pitbull, and she dedicated the Star-choreographer Brooklyn Jai. How did you get these people?

Foster: As I had the Song finished, I thought, who could make me a Video. I then looked them up on YouTube and "Swalla" by Jason Derulo and I liked it very well. The Video is from Gil Green, so I wrote to him on Instagram. Quite simply, you don't get these people, of course - but does that mean anything to me. Gil writes on his Instagram Account, it's even how wonderful it had been to turn with me in Havana. He does not write about Nicki Minaj.

teleschau: Many people your age know to write, and probably not even, like Instagram or TikTok ...

Foster: yeah, that's The Problem. I can recommend it to anyone. It gives the people something. When an old grandpa with his Harley logs in there, then he knows in half a year quite a lot of young people who love motorcycles. It doesn't have to be music, it can also be architecture or cooking. You are associating with people you would otherwise never meet in life. Thanks to Instagram I have so many friends - five years ago, I had hardly any. Therefore, my advice to all who feel lonely is to make urgently something. This is better than all of the psychotropic drugs.

teleschau: What is it to you because is so different, that they accept these new means of communication?

Foster: I want to fit in with the youth so I can be with you. They accept me and like me because I have her pictures like, and stories parts. I have met really a lot of people. That doesn't mean that you have to hang around in the Club up in the morning to five. It is connected through the social media. We need to adapt a bit. This also keeps you young. I'm really only with young people. My friends are 20 to 35. And I can say that I feel much better today than in the past, when I was younger. Simply satisfied. But there is in our society, Yes, unfortunately, a kind of age racism. The Old are often deported. From 50, we get no more work. I think that's really disgusting.

teleschau: Is it a concern to put a sign?

Foster: Exactly. I don't wonder that the Old go to the barricades and all accept. The Old will remain to be, it Yes sometimes. But why? Like a Horde of sheep will be driven into a corner. The other day I overheard a 44-wanted to-Year-old in a Club and the bouncer said "You're too old". This can't be real!

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