We feel the strengths are the principles of a happy relationship

The longest marriage in the world probably lead to Karam and Kartari Chand from Bradford, England. They have been married for 86 years. While we sometimes find

We feel the strengths are the principles of a happy relationship

The longest marriage in the world probably lead to Karam and Kartari Chand from Bradford, England. They have been married for 86 years. While we sometimes find ourselves out of a relationship to the next shimmy.

But since there are Single and Dating sites on the Internet, should it be increased a Chance to find the perfect Partner, you might think. We check to Know before the appearance, Hobbies and interests, dislikes, and education. Everything is planned and controlled and to their own taste. And then, when the next relationship or marriage fails, we ask ourselves – what people like Karam and Kartari Chand for a secret? How do you manage to live as long as happy with each other?

proximity and distance – in a happy relationship in Balance

Everyone has a need for the common to each other, and the space has. While He likes riding with his buddies in the mountains, she loves the two of perhaps the cozy week-ends. the Important respect, trust and willingness to compromise are here .

Enter common rooms, in which you can build close to each other, but also the thirst for freedom. Listen to your own feelings, but don't put your need on the need of the partner. The art is to find a balance that both can live with.

tolerance and acceptance

Consider: How much understanding you do not actually require for yourself, if you leave your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, violently about an undelivered Free Newspapers get upset or never on the birthdays of the Loved ones think? Each of us has his quirks. So also your Partner. In a relationship acceptance is a key point – we all want to be accepted the way we are. And not have to constantly insult and criticism to endure.

The scale that you create in your Partner, should apply to you also. So is it really the dispute on the a lot of said open tube of toothpaste worth it? Or you make a practice of relaxation and let the Partner just as he is?

harmony and conflict culture

If you notice that you get upset, pause for a moment. And you think – what's the Problem really? It has to do actually with the behaviour of the partner? Or you had a bad day and were upset about something else? Often we make ourselves at home really air. A trifle is a matter of State. If a conflict arises, you see in the behavior of the partner, think of as what you want.

If you only make your negative feelings, and will not necessarily lead to insight. You argue in a calm, factual, goal-oriented, and from their own point of view: e.g. "I feel insecure, if you friend have so much contact with your Ex. I would like you to tell me what it's about listening to your conversations, so I must not be jealous." The behavior of other people you can only change hard. On its own, however, you have the greatest influence.


researchers have found that about nine of compliments outweigh the negative statement. If you complain about so once, you have to praise nine Times, in order to mend the small crack in the self-esteem of the partner. Compliments are important, to strengthen us, and to give security and satisfaction.

Twice as good: if we see someone is happy about a compliment, triggers the feelings of happiness in ourselves. Do not be afraid, for even small things to praise to pronounce, soon, you will see how it strengthens the relationship and also you even happier, because you look for praiseworthy qualities, and not just the quirks of your partner to see.

proofs of love are part of a happy relationship with it!

Small touches show that you can think of the beloved Person. It's not the big, expensive gifts – sometimes, a little thing enough to sweeten someone's day. This can also be a small love letter or a panel of the most favorite chocolate.

you Practice in mindfulness. Observe yourself – what are your feelings when something bothers her, what makes you happy? And watch also the Partner what is bothering him, what he finds is great, what makes him downright euphoric? With this Knowledge, you can assess yourself and your Partner better and your relationship to do something Good.

Joint ventures

you just Walk together, explore the city and be open to experiences. This strengthens the "We-feeling". Particularly effective: The visit to an amusement Park! Scientists have found out that the joyful agitation at the common roller coaster and carousel to ride on, the relationship is transferred to the body of the butterflies of first falling in love to be fooled. It acts like a fountain of youth for body, soul and relationship. Sport in the relationship: Why are you together PCP sports should train in the relationship: Why to train together

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