Waldorf, Weleda, Demeter, and Co: with your name dance

measles parties, and a rebirth of what the anthroposophists for what are? A new book focuses on the phenomenon of critical-differentiated. Historical eurythmy

Waldorf, Weleda, Demeter, and Co: with your name dance

measles parties, and a rebirth of what the anthroposophists for what are? A new book focuses on the phenomenon of critical-differentiated.

Historical eurythmy performance at the "Goetheanum" in Dornach, Switzerland. Photo: akg-images

My oldest son was born in a world of clearly-linked clinic. This had the very practical reason that he refused, despite numerous efforts of his parents, the matter advance to meet out there other than the butt. In the ideologically-bound clinic, we found, after an Odyssey through state or private houses materialized sick, a doctor who had the necessary handles on it, to our child without a caesarean section to bring to the world.

And whether this obstetrician, as well as the very competent midwives and nurses, so to speak, by the way, all sorts of problematic, and a scientific critique does not stand believed the end of things – we didn't care at this time to the Extreme: the Same way regardless of the possibility that the people working in it rested only so in themselves, precisely because they believed in the Holy spirit and the immaculate conception, and although they worked for an Institution, the Catholic Church, their mistakes and crimes are so numerous, that the whole newspaper would suffice to enumerate.

people have strange ideas of themselves and their surroundings, and other people who do not share these ideas – Yes, even if they were laid out in their principles and consequences in front of you, sharp refused to trust them, nevertheless, their health and their children. They act, so to speak, even if they ascribe themselves to be a rational view of the world, this is the opposite and often go very well with it.

This contradiction in the book of Helmut Zander, "to go to anthroposophy: Rudolf Steiner's ideas between esotericism, Weleda, Demeter, and Waldorf education" to the bottom of it Without foaming at the mouth, or felt in front of the eyes, with real knowledge of interest, but always with a critical, ironic way, also ideologically-bound distance – Zander is a Catholic theologian and teaches religious studies at the University of Fribourg.

"anthroposophy is not today would be largely forgotten if it were their fields of Practice," writes Zander. And to answer the question of whom is actually a book about the teaching of almost one hundred years ago, who died Austrian Esoterikers, as popular written and read-divided-friendly in short, alphabetical sections, it is, at all, should be interested.

A "dogmatic prohibition of vaccination" can't see Zander in the work of Rudolf Steiner

we add to the Title tags, Weleda, Demeter, Waldorf education, nor the dm-drogerie markets, the GLS Bank, Dr. Hauschka, as well as, of course, the current top Globuli, homeopathy, and (the measles)vaccination: Then we must acknowledge that the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) relates to non-group only esoteric Edge, but a major political and economic factor of power in the Federal Republican (elite)discourse.

Alone recent messages are here is proof enough. With 120 votes to 47 votes against was in the Bavarian Parliament on may 7. November "a fatal Signal", it was about in the Viennese Standard. The free state wants to clarify with a study of whether alternative medical methods could reduce the use of antibiotics and the resultant increasing emergence of multi-resistant germs – homeopathy Lobby would cheer about it. Of the 38 Green MEPs in the Parliament to 29 voted with the government parties of the CSU and the Free voters.

Bayerisch-green special way? By Venüsbet no means: in Order to prevent the delegates at the Federal party Congress choked on the last weekend in Bielefeld with eurythmy veils towels, played the green guide at the time and decided to advance the establishment of a Commission to submit to the Congress in the next year positioning, among other things, to this question: "In what degree of tension between evidence-based science and a holistic definition of Health be?"

For the one the goes in the direction of a Committee, to clarify the question of whether the earth was indeed round; the others can be called good on Zander, who writes in the section "medicine" – the longest of the whole book – "the success formula" of Rudolf Steiner and the sun "in the claim to offer not only Alternatives, but also standard medicine". A lot of people wanted today, "it is precisely this combination" and also the "science believers" master Steiner was just trying to save "the Best of these often warring treatments".

Helmut Zander: "anthroposophy: Rudolf Steiner's ideas between esotericism, Weleda, Demeter, and Waldorf education", Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, 287 pages, Paderborn 2019, 39,90 €

However, you can have as a tolerant and with the precipices of the debt-to-medicine in the practice test, willing to do Patient well, actually, little, which is why the debate about homeopathy, especially about the money – and not just when it was about in the taz apodictic: "In comparison to the total expenditure in the health system, the sum is not too large. But it's not just about the money: It is about showing what is allowed to accept an enlightened society as medicine (all with proof of effectiveness) and what is not (everything else).“ Since not only the Victims of the state-as a medicine approved conter goose so a few questions.

His Peak climbs of the dispute Steiner's "spirit in-depth scientific" parallel medicine at the time of vaccination and, in particular, when the measles vaccination question. The obligation to this decided by the Bundestag last Thursday, and after consultation with the Federal Ministry of health explicitly for carrier-free schools and kindergartens, not only for the in Waldorf jargon "state schools" of the bodies referred to.

Who has already participated once in a "total conference" a Waldorf school, and a witness of the claim was, to curb the never-ending lice infestation should be investigated at the entrance to the heads of every child, which raises the already terrible Association – which is such a prophylactic Require still more absurd, when he knows that a lot of children (vaccinated for ideological reasons) against measles. The lice the request was ridiculed at best and not even put to the vote.

What's the deal with the Steiner Impfscheu on, and explained to Zander, in his own Chapter on "measles". Anthroposophical schools, the first step is to list some of the breakout stories, are likely to be "co-responsible for Europe-wide dissemination of measles", with vaccination rates of pupils:indoor under 20 percent. The parents expected, "the fact that children were strengthened from the battle" with the disease.

"The mental individuality of the child wrestles with the of the parents, descendants, inheritance forces and want to customize the body", quoted in Zander, the measles guideline of the society of Anthroposophic Doctors in Germany. Risks, including lethal, would not beat this, the social problem, i.e. the infection of a third party, but "dramatically" small talk. A "dogma that ban" can't discover Zander, however, in the work of Steiner. From my own experience I can say that Anthroposophical Doctors have denied me never of vaccinations are discouraged, or even their implementation.

The Problem seems to be more to me then to be a sociological than ideological. Waldorf schools in Germany are, without doubt, the schools so-called elite, according to Zander, founded in a spirit of Protestant education bourgeoisie, the want in his anti-social variation without regard to losses, the so-called Best for the own offspring, in his very beautiful with the highest commitment to the welcome classes for refugee children set up.

It is this plurality of the worldwide Waldorf movement, the Zander stressed and in a city like Berlin, to completely different interpretations and different practical orientation of the kindergartens and schools leads to fierce conflicts within the "school community", between the fading on the mend, "concrete group" (pike-perch) and all the others.

When my son, then 20 years ago a good Catholic in the world and in her home had become and we had to find a school for him, the choice was quite simple: The Waldorf school was the Only one that is not welcomed like a barracks that looked like a prison, and which shone forth not the toilet smelled, but at Christmas time in the morning in the candle light. You have to be no visiting hours, so that we can implement. But if it helps anyone who wanted to throw the first sugar beads?

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