WORLD cup star releasing dream outside the court: 'Before I could have chronic bad conscience'

She is not just one of the profiles on the WORLD cup team. in addition to hammer through on a handball court out Kathrine Heindahl a big dream by the side of

WORLD cup star releasing dream outside the court: 'Before I could have chronic bad conscience'

She is not just one of the profiles on the WORLD cup team.

in addition to hammer through on a handball court out Kathrine Heindahl a big dream by the side of the resin and gymnasiums.

"I have always thought it was cool to be independent, and have always thought about how I could use the position, I was about to create me håndboldmæssig, to when I even are finished. It has always filled a part – what do I need that? We earn the money, that means that I have to be able to live a lot of years after his career," says Kathrine Heindahl honestly.

Together with her friend Louise from the town, she started the company Ikaika, where they together selling sportswear. Last year they got an investor with.

"the motivation and The drive, I have on the field, I think I would miss if I couldn't merge it into the life I must live by," explains Kathrine Heindahl, who have great interest in sports.

Therefore, it was also the way she chose to go. She wanted something, others didn't. And something, she could vouch for.

"I believe when I as a handball player starts a business, there is the part of the consumer is also a level of credibility in that I know what I want, and trains many hours. So it must be something that is nice to be in," explains Kathrine Heindahl, who have done most of it yourself.

She has got the help of a buddy, who also is self-contained.

And so started the hunt otherwise on the products and a good supplier. After a few attempts there was the bite, and then it took all the momentum away for the company, which was founded in 2017.

It is not the economic, that have driven the work, she says. Together with her bosom, she money in the project, but not many. It's not, they have not lost a fortune.

however, It is not something they should worry about right now, for Kathrine Heindahl tells that it goes well.

at the same time she knows that right now it's limited to how many hours she can put in it.

"Time is of course something I would like to have more of, if I had more hours in a day. It I would enjoy. I have started the business as a hobby, and it is also what I have to take it," says Kathrine Heindahl, that shoots that she uses between 10 and 15 hours per week on his business. Depending on the time and surplus.

When the season is in progress, some weeks fly by with a handball, while out of season is more time. And although her list of priorities is totally clear, some things good which of and to.

"sometimes it can be mega annoying that I can't take the opportunities. Handball is my first priority. This is what I need to live on now, but also that I want to drive it to it, I can. All of a sudden it's over, and then Ikaika get a lot of love and time," says Kathrine Heindahl, which right now is in Japan to play the WORLD cup with the national team.

And here it is a great advantage that she does not sit all alone with the project in a period of time, which among other things offers a busy christmas.

While she sits in Kumamoto, controls her friend, the investor and her little sister store.

And even though Kathrine Heindahl not absolutely can be to follow along with, it gives her peace in the stomach to know that there is a track of the cases at home.

"I think I have found a good balance in that when I'm off, should I put it from me and focus where I am. It is something of it, I think the company provides me. I is good to be in the moment," says Kathrine Heindahl.

A balance that has come naturally, because she knows it is håndbolden, which is the main focus. How is it for another few years, tells Heindahl, there has been better to live in the moment and switch place.

When she is training, is it – and only it – focused. The same applies to matches.

And when she sits in front of the computer, is it company. She has been even better to be structured and does not allow 'all possible fill' at the wrong times.

"When I read, I could have chronic bad conscience, that I knew there was a curriculum that was far in arrears, or the period in which I only played handball, it was a poor match quickly to fill more than it should. I spent too much tankekraft. Of course you need to evaluate, take things further and learn, but it is no use, you are in a bad mood for 48 hours," says Kathrine Heindahl.

"I think I have become better at that thing need to fill up at different times. I thrive not only to have the handball. It has become so big a part of my life, that I must have something next to it, which I also self-regulate," says landsholdsprofilen.

Updated Date: 04 December 2019, 06:00

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