Violence, health problems, strife with the son: The tragic life of Ernst August

no, in Grünau, he's not a look often. You've seen Ernst August "forever never," says a farm owner in the picturesque village in upper Austria. "In the vill

Violence, health problems, strife with the son: The tragic life of Ernst August

no, in Grünau, he's not a look often. You've seen Ernst August "forever never," says a farm owner in the picturesque village in upper Austria. "In the village you can see the Senior never," says the tenant of a wildlife Park, knows the family well. Nevertheless, Prince Ernst August, head of the former Royal house of Hannover and Ducal house of Braunschweig, Germany has managed, after a long time again in the headlines.

Ernst August: In the place of popular

A police operation in front of his hunting Lodge in Grünau was raced in the night to Wednesday from the rudder, what happened exactly is still unclear. The police said that the Prince was aggressive, he had threatened the officers, and physically hurt. Ernst August, claiming the opposite: The police had attacked him and hurt, he had called them for help. The Austrian "Kronen Zeitung", he showed his alleged wounds.

In the hunting Lodge that his great-great-grandfather in the 19th century. Century building, lives Ernst August for decades, now however, without his family. With his wife, Caroline of Monaco he recently appeared in 2009 in public. In 2004, he was appointed even to the honorary citizen of Grünau, because he supports many of the clubs in the Region and in the local wildlife Park invested, which belongs to the house of Hanover. Ernst August was a welcome fellow-citizens, said mayor Wolfgang Bammer the "upper Austrian news". "But in the past few years, he lives very retired on his estate." imago images / High-Two Ernst August with his wife, Caroline, in the year of 2007

In recent years, the media became more frequent reports on the ailing health of the Prince. In may 2018, the "top published on Austrian news" is a picture of Ernst August, who thanked after a stay in hospital employees. That's not his only health problems, asserted Heinrich Prince of Hanover, the younger brother of Ernst August. In an anxious Statement to the newspaper "Bild", he says, because of these problems, "it always comes back to between cases. We all regret this.“ But, according to Heinrich: "Ernst August, Prince of Hanover to do it today well according to the circumstances."

"The money is gone"

in Addition, Ernst August is also still in the Clinch, with your own son. The Prince had all the possessions of the house in Germany in the year 2004, the then 21-Year-old assigned. By the end of 2018, the son, is also called Ernst August wanted to pass the famous castle of Marienburg near Hannover in the Federal state of lower Saxony – for the symbolic price of one Euro. U trunk/imago image/Future Image a picturesque sight: The Marienburg castle in Hannover

The castle attracts according to its own information of 200,000 visitors a year, but the operation is still highly deficient. That's why the son wanted to leave the jewel in the family's possession to the state – thus, the need to Finance the urgently necessary renovation works. Father Ernst August, raged, went to court to make its donation in 2004 will be reversed.

He had left the son of man has enough money to Finance the preservation of the castle further argued, Ernst August. The son objected, the father had him transfer any amount of debt. Even an auction of valuable furniture for a total of 44 million euros had not been able to stabilize the situation, said Ernst August Junior is the "Hanover": "The money is gone." Previously there was dispute over the family Foundation in Austria, the wedding of the son in 2017, stayed away father, Ernst August.

Since the beginning of 2020 is the Marienburg castle in a common Foundation with the Land of lower Saxony transferred, the public sector provides 27.2 million euros for the restoration. The feud with the son was the last Time that the publicity-shy Prince went to the Public – until now. More News from the world of culture and entertainment

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