Valorant: These game modes is yet to come | Games

"Valorant" for every free-to-play. Soon new game modes in the Hype-game of "League of Legends", the creators could be added. "Valorant" is now available

Valorant: These game modes is yet to come | Games

"Valorant" for every free-to-play. Soon new game modes in the Hype-game of "League of Legends", the creators could be added.

"Valorant" is now available for free as a Free2Play title to play for everyone. The Shooter will get new content donated - including probably even more game modes. These new modes can be set players.

"Valorant" has recently, the Beta-Phase is finished*. Everyone can play the new tactical Shooter video game "League of Legends"developers are now, after the additions to the Beta is only limited available*. With the Release of the full version, including more game modes are likely to with the new content added. What could be revealed in the following section.

"Valorant": developers are definitely planning more game modes

In a Blog Post, the developer of the " Valorant " to game modes explains. The current mode should remain a focus. There is an attacker Team, whose task it is to place a so-called "Spike" on the map and hunt in the air. The defending Team must prevent this.

The Whole thing is highly reminiscent of the gameplay of the Shooter classic "Counter-Strike". The success of "Valorant" miss falls veterans therefore, many of the CS -, which is why they leave tons of bad reviews on various portals*.

Infobox "Valorant"

publication :

2. June 2020

platforms :


Genre :

Free2Play tactic Shooter

developer :

Riot Games

Publisher :

Riot Games

But we stay on-topic: Apart from this main mode, Riot Games plans to integrate definitely more modes, including the " Spike Rush ".

the "Spike Rush"mode:

round offers last between eight and twelve minutes. Each of the players in the attacker Team has a Spike. Best-of-7 - who is the first player to win four rounds wins the game. Attackers and defenders swap after three rounds. Each player from both teams gets the same random weapon. All of the Basic skills each round is available for free. Defeated enemies bring two Ultimate Points. Each round appear to be between three and five Powerup Orbs randomly somewhere on the map.

In the case of the Powerup Orbs are different improvements, for example for weapons or for the damage to the players cause.

+ the Powerup Orb in "Valorant".©Riot Games

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What are the other "Valorant"game modes could follow?

If " Spike Rush " will be permanently available, it is not yet clear. The developers wanted to test a slightly faster mode. If it is maintained, depends, according to the Riot of the other game modes and how players evaluate. Currently, the "the Spike Rush is" in Beta .

one of which is " Deathmatch ". These many participants in the Beta would have a Phase of "Valorant" desired. A "Deathmatch" is nothing more than a round, in the one-against-all play. In the Blog Post, it means that the developers are working on the necessary technology that supports this mode. On a start date for the "Deathmatch" doesn't want to commit Riot, however.

In addition, be still many more modes as prototypes scheduled. What are these and when players can expect to, however, is not betrayed. May Valorant appears to be "" too soon for consoles* - the developers have confirmed the work on prototypes last.

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