USA: Nearly country-wide weapons are completely sold out

In terms of a "re-opening" of the economy, the individual Federal States according to the upper pagans of different paths, what is the Situation in Germany is

USA: Nearly country-wide weapons are completely sold out
In terms of a "re-opening" of the economy, the individual Federal States according to the upper pagans of different paths, what is the Situation in Germany is not all that different. A slightly different focus than in this country, the Americans seem to have when the topic of scarce goods. "Currently, the weapons, especially assault rifles, almost country are sold far to complete", reported the upper of the Gentiles. With a view to the entertainment industry, the lawyer, had also observed the spectacular Weinstein-process says that they must adjust in the long term, increased digitalisation will.

waiter Gentiles, this week, President Donald Trump has imposed a immigration-stop for the first 60 days. That is, in fact, no Green Card is awarded?

Nick Oberheiden: The immigration stop is not only temporary, but also intrinsically limited. It is expected that about 50,000 Green Card holders of the two months-facing restraint are affected. German are affected by this rule, if you are in possession of a Green Card and not for an exemption, to qualify, i.e., are not married to an American or an American woman or underage children in the USA. Other exceptions apply to immigrants that contribute to the national security of the United States or to strengthen the American health care system. As the Supreme Court has already said in connection with the much sharper "Travel Ban", i.e. the ban on the entry of immigrants from certain countries such as Iran or North Korea recently, the President virtually unlimited powers in matters of national security.

The US-American movement on the subject of weapons launches in Germany, as we know, time and again, astonished. Now the Americans seem, in the Corona-arm crisis is increasing. Can you explain this to us?

Nick Oberheiden: In the US Constitution is the right to carry a weapon, as a legally enforceable fundamental right enshrined in the. It is in this explicit Form in the world only in the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala. The contours of this fundamental right, however, remain even after some 200 years of constitutional practice is unclear. Agreement to the extent that certain groups, such as convicted criminals, drug addicts and the mentally of the arms ill is denied the right. The individual States have the autonomy to flesh out the details of the basic law. As a very General rule of thumb, a Federal instead of: The Republican, the more generous of the weapons law. I will give an example: In Texas you may also visit worship services armed, whereas other States, such as Virginia's advocate with regard to the recurring massacre of more stringent regulations, which calls for a constitutional conflict. Currently weapons, especially assault rifles, almost country are sold far to complete. This also applies to ammunition. The extreme demand for weapons is done almost in the Four-year cycle, and is not to be used rarely. The idea that a democratic President could sit in the White house, has prompted many Americans to the buying panic in addition, motivated by the in the beginning existing to worry, that there is a bottleneck of the supply by the Corona-crisis could lead to unrest. It is likely that the Supreme Court, is now with a conservative majority, the expanding weapons legal in the US to expected cases in the near future tends to strengthen.

a Lot of German high school graduates traveling after passing the exams abroad. Among the sought-after objectives, the United States traditionally. Now was imposed in March a entry stop. German high-school graduates this year have no Chance on a trip to the USA? And what happens with exchange students and Au-pairs?

Nick Oberheiden: is The Problem of the exchanges and tourism a two-way street. Americans count targets, Europe and Germany to your loved one travel. On both sides of the Atlantic, there may need to be with your travel planning until Further notice reserved. For Au pairs there will be no expulsion. Probably a Non-extension of the stay is to the right. Questions of immigration are to the right under the Federal law, questions of labour law, the law of the land. Ultimately, the question of permanent right is a matter of Trump-government.

Also this week, it was reported that the state of Missouri sued the people's Republic of China in connection with the Corona Virus. The country has deceived "the Public" and "important information suppressed", it is to hot in the indictment. How do you see the prospects of success of the procedure?

Nick Oberheiden: The action is diplomatically sensitive, but legally interesting. In principle, suits against sovereign States in American courts are not allowed. There are, however, under the relevant "Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act" of 1976, with some important exceptions, has also been recognized by the Supreme Court since 1992, in a lawsuit against Argentina. Unless the court in Missouri, this line of reasoning of the commercial activity in the United States agrees, in the present case, as the admission reason, it will be exciting to see the extent to which the American plaintiffs can meet their burden of proof. A political solution to the problem does not seem to last, also in view of the mutual economic dependency between the US and China in the medium term, probably.

In Germany has also affected the entertainment industry and of the constraints. So TV-Shows without an audience, concerts are all canceled. Corresponding decisions of the respective state governments or the Federal government Adopt. What is the in the United States? And how do you assess the consequences of the Corona-related restrictions for the American entertainment industry?

Nick Oberheiden: The "re-opening" of the economy is also discussed in the United States controversial. The Position of the Trump-government is that the timing and the Dimension of the business operation is a question of the respective governors. The White house reserves the right, to the extent that a right of intervention, as it expresses national Standards and recommendations and, in the case of non-compliance with Federal aid could be cut. The state of Georgia with the city of Atlanta has been absolved of these recommendations, the first of which is from the Corona Virus affected centres to the General business operation is resumed. Overall, the exact Dimension of the economic damage caused by the Corona Virus may be neither national nor global, can be seen. In order to remain in the American entertainment industry: There must, as in other sectors of the economy, the signs of the times and adapt to recognize, possibly with the result of the increased digitization of TV and cinema industry.

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