USA/Donald Trump: revelation book by niece - Will you cash in only | policy

A new tell-all book about Donald Trump is. This time his niece grabs the Trump family. Before the court, the publication could not be stopped first. Donald tr

USA/Donald Trump: revelation book by niece - Will you cash in only  | policy

A new tell-all book about Donald Trump is. This time his niece grabs the Trump family. Before the court, the publication could not be stopped first.

Donald trump* niece Mary wants to publish a tell-all book . Trumps brother Robert wanted to prevent the publication of court . For the time being, failed of the application, however.

Update from the 29. June, 12.49 PM: U.S. President Donald Trump and his brother Robert continue to try tooth and nail to prevent publication of a book of trump's niece, Mary L. Trump . The 55-year-old psychologist writes about their "toxic family," the court documents (see the initial report from the 27. June).

As the AP news Agency is now reported, has requested that Robert Trump in front of the Supreme Court in the U.S. state of New York now a preliminary injunction. Last week, the New York had judge Peter Kelly dismissed his concern. AP, according to Robert trump's lawyers have stated that Mary L. Trump in front of almost 20 years with several members of the family have signed a legal contract , after which you will not publish this book. For this, you have received a "a considerable severance payment" .

"Mary Trump has garnered 20 years, the performance of this agreement, and now they are trying to break the agreement and with a tell-all book to cash" - quoted by AP the lawyer for Charles Harder . Mary L. trump attorney Theodore Boutrous said, however, the new request is "just another transparent attempt by the Trump family, political freedom of speech in relation to the President's unconstitutional to stop it."

+ Donald trump's niece, Mary wants to publish a tell-all book. A first-of-court prevention has failed.©AFP / ERIC BARADAT

tell-all book of Trump-niece: she explains the "broken family"

first message of 29. June New York - Donald trump younger brother, Robert failed to stop at the attempt the publication of a book by trump's niece Mary . A New York judge in the district of Queens from dismissed the motion for preliminary injunction on Thursday, as court documents show. The document "multiple irregularities" and should have been submitted to the Supreme Court of the state of New York, - stated in it.

Ted Boustrous, Mary Trumps lawyer, welcomed the court's decision and stressed that the book was "extreme public" interest. "We hope that this decision ends the matter ." The lawyer of Robert Trump , Charles Harder, said the U.S. news site The Daily Beast, however, is that Robert Trump wished to pursue the case in front of the Supreme Court in New York more.

tell-all book of Trumps niece: in court failed - book can be published

Robert Trump had stated in the injunction, that Mary Trump with the book was in breach of a confidentiality agreement , in connection with the regulation of the Estate of her grandfather, the father of the President , had been concluded.

According to the publisher, Simon & Schuster, the promo explains the fourth psychologist in the work, such as her uncle Donald Trump "the man was, the now, the world health , the economic security and social cohesion threatened“. The President* has referred to the plans with reference to the confidentiality agreement as unlawful. "It is not allowed to write a book," said Donald Trump, a lot of attention in the Wake of the Corona pandemic is always negative, on Sunday, the news portal Axios.

"The most dangerous man in the world": Trumps niece finds hard words

On 28. July is supposed to appear in the book, which sums up to 240 pages. Translated into German with the title: "Too much is never enough is Like my family the most dangerous man in the world has created". Mary Trump is the daughter of Donald trump brother, Fred, who died in 1981. She was the only member of the family, "the is willing to the truth about one of the most powerful and most broken families in the world price," said the publisher on their website.

Recently, another tell-all book caused a stir. Trump's former security adviser John Bolton wrote the book "The Room Where It Happende: A White House Memoir". This publication tried to Donald Trump to prevent> the court - without success. (lb)

Trumps distaste for protective masks becomes increasingly the centre of political disputes: His opponent, Joe Biden, called him an "absolute fool".

Starting in July 2020 there is, however, for consumers, pensioners and holidaymakers, numerous Changes in Germany.

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Updated Date: 29 June 2020, 08:33

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