USA: Donald Trump is fighting back against Ex-Familiar Bolton after a tell-all book with full of anger | politics

Donald trump wants to prevent a tell-all book his Ex-heads of security. Extracts of which are already public - the US President's freaking out on Twitter. A f

USA: Donald Trump is fighting back against Ex-Familiar Bolton after a tell-all book with full of anger | politics

Donald trump wants to prevent a tell-all book his Ex-heads of security. Extracts of which are already public - the US President's freaking out on Twitter.

A former employee reveals scandalous secrets about Donald Trump *. The US-President have been dictators often a Favor . Ex-security adviser John R. Bolton tells criminal and embarrassing actions Trumps .

Update from 18. June, 10.45 am : U.S. President Donald Trump was adopted on Thursday (18. June) in a rant against his Ex-Familiar to Jon Bolton , whose revelation is to prevent the book he is - and proved that he is also the Slangs powerful.

Bolton was a "Whacko" (English: Spinner) and his book would be made up of "lies and fabricated story," tweeted Trump. Bolton have only written Good things about him, the US President - "up to the day I fired him," he continued.

His Rant finished Trump with his personal classification of Bolton's personality : "A disgruntled, boring Idiot who didn't want to go to war. A clue, had never been left marginalized and with pleasure of the case. the What a moron (“dope“)!

In a Tweet immediately after, Trump came: "US President Bush had fired him, too. Bolton is incapable of!“

trump's Ex-security adviser throws in the book with the allegations themselves: "He asked ..."

Update from 18. June, 6.42 PM : U.S. President Donald Trump has signed on Wednesday a sanction law against China because of the tracking , the Muslim minority of the Uighurs , which is in contradiction to what his former security adviser John Bolton reported in the Trump-revelation book , the publication the US President to stop want.

The U.S. government accuses Bolton, his book contained a secret information , which had not been released for publication. On Tuesday, the Trump government had filed a suit , in order to prevent the appearance of the book(see first message).

John Bolton: Trump should have referred to Uighur detention as "the right thing"

In US media published excerpts from Bolton is, among other things, the accusation, Trump arrange his entire foreign policy to electoral Considerations. As to Trump, according to Bolton are also ready to be shown, about human rights violations in China over to watch. The human rights activists described mass detentions of Uyghurs have called Trump, even as a "just the right thing to do".

Beijing , however, reacted angry on Trumps sanction of the law, and threatened, against the planned punitive measures "determined to strike back" .

+ Bolton (Background) was from April 2018 to September 2019 Trumps (foreground) of the National security adviser.©AFP / SAUL LOEB

Despite the claim of the government! Former Trump Confidant grabs: Serious allegations and embarrassing revelations

first message of 17. June : München/New York - For a long time John R. Bolton tried to publish a scandalous book. However, the U.S. government filed charges against the former security chief of Donald Trump , and prevents the laying*. The once Trusted wants to raise unpacking and serious allegations against the President . Now have emerged more excerpts from the previously secret plant.

earlier in January Bolton which resulted in a Outcry . With regard to the impending Impeachment of Donald Trump, the New York Times were playing spicy passages of his with secrets-studded report on the Ukraine affair. The new merely positions is expected to once again beat high waves.

Donald Trump: an Ex-Confidant of John R. Bolton grabs - "dictators, he likes"

The publisher speaks of a work that the image of a President Donald Trump* draw, the " was addicted to Chaos ". The versions of Bolton even go beyond that. " The behaviour pattern looked to the obstruction of justice as an everyday business from ", - quotes the New York Times.

+ Donald Trump on the view: John R. Bolton (R) reveals scandalous secrets about the U.S. President.©picture alliance/dpa / Bernd von Jutrczenka

In several passages of the Ex-the adviser to engineers, such as Donald Trump aware of a criminal investigation, wanted to stop , so literally, " dictators, he likes to be a personal Favor. “ The most clear-cut cases revolve around the Turkey and China .

USA: Donald Trump has demanded that China to influence the election campaign - "He asked to come to Xi about"

In the negotiations for a trade agreement China it in addition to other scandalous actions. So Trump had informed its Chinese partners several times, you should help him to win the elections* in agricultural States. " He asked Xi to ensure that the elections gains , " says Bolton. For this, China should beans at the right time American soy, and wheat to buy. The economic consequences would have claimed direct influence on the outcome of the elections , the former entrepreneurs*.

The foreign policy efforts of Ex-actor Donald Trump* are based on gut feeling and ignorance , scolded Bolton. Even the President is said to have asked whether Finland belong to Russia . That the UK, a nuclear power , he did not know also.

revelation book of John Bolton: Embarrassing secrets about Donald Trump

International are likely to be the versions to Trumps Consideration with regard to NATO is a powder keg. Once he had played with the thought to leave the North Atlantic Pact. The Considerations should be more concrete, have been, as previously assumed.

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Date Of Update: 18 June 2020, 06:33