US producer Galcher pleasure work: angels in the work gap

rapping on the Dancefloor: The US house producer Galcher desire to work on new doors. This proves to be the Album "Information". light in the Dark: Galcher

US producer Galcher pleasure work: angels in the work gap

rapping on the Dancefloor: The US house producer Galcher desire to work on new doors. This proves to be the Album "Information".

light in the Dark: Galcher desire to plant new rhymes photo: Collin Hughes

When the blinds are down, devises Galcher desire to work on throws to his music. The eyes half closed, he takes a deep breath, turns on the micro. Listening to the thoughts popping up immediately, disorderly, first of all, the US producer sings with a sonorous voice, they run free, make sense, because they are to music. Galchers voice sounds strained cool. Or spooky cool, a Coolness that is looking for protection. Anxious, cool, annoyingly cool. All health insurance companies are cool.

Sometimes Galcher succeeds the Coolness with word repetition and alliteration, the Trick is to stretch at the beginning of a syllable, or to emphasize at the end of a word. To the wonders of beautiful sounds. When Wandering, there are cadences that arise in the Interaction with the pulse of his pumping electronic dance floor sounds to the Flow of his music, so it is even in you're sleep-walking moments in a transparent, inspiring, contrary to the separation on the Dancefloor with delight.

And gladness is also the keyword for the associative artist name Galcher pleasure work: culture? Sex! Power plant?! The Machine comes with him, in any case, to stutter and the vocals he has not dosed low, it's about the young President, he is the voice of what is sometimes audible difficult, he speaks of pleasure, waste, frustration, loss. And angels in the work gap. "Angel / Angel / Ever seen an Angel / Touched by an Angel / Do it like an Angel / Always knew there was Angels / You could wear the same clothes / Be in the Club / Go to Work in the same clothes / Competitors don't know / Competitors running in circles with no show / show up and take the Dough."

"Cig Angel", cigarettes angel, is the name of the Track that is included on the new, simple "Information"-titled Album to the US producers. It is one of those Galcher Tracks that Express more than a state of mind. The associations astound again and again, as in the case of a lamp which lights according to the light of day otherwise. There are guardian angels? And if Yes, why do you frolic in the working gap on the Dancefloor? "This is a kind of inner monologue," explains Galcher of the taz. "I don't communicate directly with the people, rather, I'm trying them on a subconscious level approach. On the outside I have to do, concentrate on the music and speak what's on my mind. Logo, I like Rap and leave the words, such as rhymes, sound, Slang, flows definitely with, but I catch the Storytelling aspect of hip-hop on the Dancefloor. Showing off doesn't fit.“

Galcher pleasure factory : "Information" (Ghostly International/Secretly Distribution)

the 32-year-old Galcher desire to work, keeps his real name secret was Known, 2013. Since his Mixtape "100% Galcher" made the round. In addition to the sonorous voice, the Reverb of the Synthesizer on the falling immediately, the jingle like lonely bells and annoying alarm clock, lightning-like twitches, the rhymes on their toes to keep and of course the 808 drum machine, the Galcher pleasure factory programmed rather easy, Stampede on velvet paws. For the twelve Tracks of "Information" has Galcher desire to work from this range of sounds again a condensate.

in 2013, he was part of the Posse to have the Label White Material, a "Working Man's Techno" is on their Maxi singles. The craft aspect is emphasized. White Material, four other producers, which have all of the Rhode Island School of Design met, and their different preferences and Music socializations profitable together have led were Galcher desire to work. After eight plates of the project in 2018 and put you back on the ice, each of the five clear comes alone. Exchanges continue to remain in touch.

in the Meantime, Galcher desire to work in Queens lives the Blue-Collar district of New York. He originally hails from Cleveland, a port city on Lake Erie in the Rustbelt of the Midwest has influenced him. "There is not a lot of. The cultural life is limited to a couple of museums that we visited once or twice in a lifetime. The only Mainstream entertainment sports. Otherwise, Cleveland is a depopulated, depressing city and it brings a bitter-sweet ideas. I grew up in a sleepy hippie district, the people spend a lot of time at home and part of whimsical ideas, but also great fun in the music.“

Bahis Siteleri xmlns="" class="article even"> "Information" has a built-in Galcher desire to work for the first time, analog Drums, "because I find it a bit softer, but still powerful, wanted to have. Instead of the fat bass drum, the Bass works now stronger, suddenly more space for experiments.“ To Wear that comes about in the Track "Fathomless Irie", to the beat of an Electric boost and a melancholy industrial city-transported by the atmosphere. Until the Echo of Galchers voice like ground fog over the Sound. He simply repeats "I've never been to Africa". "In the beginning it was a metaphor to go home, like on the old Jazz records, in which Africa is idealized as a utopian place. I've heard of Afro-Americans:the inside, for the first time there, and the same hereby repealed felt. And I've made this world of imagination to the self: I was never in Africa, but this Situation, I can imagine, in the fantasy good.“

In the reality of Trumps America's most well-Known crappy, explains Galcher desire to work. "A lot of people are jaded, and depressed, to feel in view of the situation passed out. The Best thing I can do for the company, it is produce House, to inspire especially People of Color, that the Genre finally finds some well-deserved recognition.“ He succeeds perfectly: Galcher reminiscent in its minimalist presentation style of the MCs, Masters of Ceremonies, the accompany in the Neighborhoods-parties, as presenters, the Buffet is open, certain guests in particular appreciate the people to animate, to have a good time.

In Queens has established itself in the last time a flourishing house scene, there are illegal Raves with MCs, and in such nights, of course, the genre boundaries to be overcome. In addition to Galcher lust factory, the Italian producer Madteo, it is worth mentioning that collaborates Frequently with the Rapper Sensational. "It is doing what the people have finally realized, hip-hop and house sound back together thinking," explains Galcher.

In the late eighties, when House floors, the dance for the first time rocked and far mainstream as today, there was the hybrid of Rapping and straight 4-to-the-Floor Beats. That Sound was baptized, at the time, HipHouse, remained, however, quite one-sided on the fun effects, the Party is reduced. Galcher desire work knows the old stuff of course, but the 32-Year-old expanded the Genre today is definitely both lyrically and musically, and brings the Dance floor with streams of Consciousness to the quake. "I hope that my broken Sound is also recognized as such."

Galchers rhymes sometimes sound lazy, almost resigned, as if he would rather give up the opposite of a whip. "These scenarios have to do with my everyday life and of many others, but this is not real, I repeat, absurd events in the club context, in order to bring the people to Ponder. If I expensive sled rap, it's just that I would like to have, in truth, none at all. You are to me don't give a shit, and people should remember that. Nevertheless, I, too, am a victim of consumption. And I'm plagued by Doubts and these doubts often appear in my texts.“

How many African-American artists:inner Galcher desire to work plagues the concern to find little appreciation. "There's definitely the fear of being wiped out, as once happened in Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley with the Moves of Chuck Berry became famous and Berry had the Look. I'm on the lookout! On the other hand, I believe that nothing falls through and the provides for the fact that House is coming back. Even hip-hop still is not working through the unique Power of the black culture, not a Mainstream in the world the level can. Just as I am convinced that there will be House always and that he is recognised as a genuine African-American art form.“ What a Rapper, what an Album.

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