Trump: armed with Twitter escalated - he now threatens networks with closure | policy

US President, Trump and the media service Twitter fought a fierce exchange of blows. Reason, a fact check for two Trump-Tweets was. absentee ballots were fraud

Trump: armed with Twitter escalated - he now threatens networks with closure | policy

US President, Trump and the media service Twitter fought a fierce exchange of blows. Reason, a fact check for two Trump-Tweets was.

absentee ballots were fraudulent - this statement, U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday Twitter . The Post took the media service for the first time, a fact check and trump's statements, like . But the US President has already given the counter - of course, via Twitter.

Update from 27. May 2020, 14.25 PM: After two Tweets to the US President Donald Trump the fact check of the Twitter group by like Trump has threatened with the closure of Online networks, and via Twitter. In the Online service of the US President wrote that Republican politicians would have the feeling of, "that Social Media platforms conservative votes take Silence ". Further, he announced: "We will regulate strictly or close, before we will ever let that happen."

Trump falls for Twitter fact check due to a relentless letter-election-statement by

first message of 27. May 2020:

Washington - These Postings were for U.S. President Donald Trump well to the rear: On Tuesday (local time) did Trump his personal views in a letter to the elections, when the social network Twitter . According to him, be letter ballot papers otherwise than fraudulently . "A letter will be robbed boxes, ballot papers fake and even illegally printed and fraudulently signed," writes Trump in the first of his two Tweets, in which he omits the many other countries already for a long time, the usual type of the choice process*.

Trump vs. Twitter: fact check in the social network is not good

to be running for President "This will be a election ", Trump* is in his second Tweet safely and announces: it is not ("No way!"). More than 80 million people follow the US President on Twitter, and read the information of this day in and day out common. But repeatedly there were in the past, allegations, Trump would spread questionable claims, false information or half-truths in the network. Now, Twitter has, for the first time, the President-Postings subject to a fact check - and provide him with an extremely bad certificate .

"Trump has claimed, wrongly, to a postal vote ballot papers would lead to a rigged election," said Twitter directly to Trumps a Post by a comment linked correctly. And further on: "experts say that the letter choice only very rarely with election fraud in connection stands for." The assertion Trumps, California would come from a ballot each to send, who lived in the state, "no matter where you are or how you got there", described the social network as false and stressed that only registered voters would receive ballot papers.

+ In this comment Twitter Trumps introduced statements are correct. ©Screenshot: Twitter

Trumps allegations relate to upcoming elections in a California district for a vacant seat in the house of representatives in Washington. The Governor of the US state, Gavin Newsom, wants to expand because of the Coronavirus pandemic in the election, the voting by letter.

Trump vs. Twitter: the media service rejects allegations - the President responds

Twitter noted that, according to the NBC News already in five States completely by way of postal ballot, was elected. The company also referred to reports by the Washington Post newspaper, the broadcaster CNN, and other media, which amounted to the allegations, the letter choice will lead to solid choice, as "unfounded" had to be rejected.

The US President responds prompt and unapologetic criticism. Twitter wants to influence this year's presidential elections, accuses Trump the group. " Twitter, the FREE SPEECH suppressed completely , and I as President will not allow this!", he announced further. Nevertheless, the President saw but at least for the time being, no reason to dispense with the use of the social network, because the slugfest with Twitter, he led on Twitter .

Trump vs. Twitter: The media service has rules against Fake News. aggravated

For Trump Twitter is one of the most important channels for the dissemination of political messages He used the service, usually several times a day and it is not uncommon for it to attack its political opponents violently , to spread his own government working prices and a conspiracy theories . Twitter had previously referenced, but never on false information in Trumps Postings.

However, , tightened the company , two weeks ago, his rules against the dissemination of false messages . A group spokesman said, the current Twitter-note to Trump posts about the postal ballot in California, according to the new approach of the company against misleading information.

Also interesting: In February, the US President came away from a totally different reason, also not good in the net. A photo of Trumps face made for derision and malice.

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Date Of Update: 27 May 2020, 14:33