This looks really bad! - Henssler is done and then sets a record

Eight victories in the series! The not in "Grill the Henssler" (VOX) for cooking-Champion Steffen Henssler for a long time. Four years ago, he cooked in all e

This looks really bad! - Henssler is done and then sets a record

Eight victories in the series! The not in "Grill the Henssler" (VOX) for cooking-Champion Steffen Henssler for a long time. Four years ago, he cooked in all eight episodes of the sixth season of the Pomiteams.

The record for season victories Henssler set this time, so what time is he to continue his winning streak and the absolute record of nine Victories (in 2016, a victory in the summer was still special to) can be set, is not fixed yet.

TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel tele show

But the success this time by a glass noodle thread. After Henssler back to improv course (lamb, cloudberries, jelly and bread and honey; 21:18) and a between-game lead with six counters, defied him, the two RTL-jungle kings Ross Antony (2008) in the case of the Appetizer ("the summer of the role of the duck", 23:23) and Prince Damien (2020) for the main course ("pig plug-in from the back with Chorizo, spaetzle and beans", 21:21) two draws. Thanks to the victories in the two other games it came to a Total of a tie: in Front of the last aisle ("quark dumplings with blueberry compote") against Verona Pooth it was 68:68. And The Maître was nervous: "What's going on here?"

Laura Wontorra hating on Steffen Henssler: "This looks really bad!"

In the quark balls Showdown was for all the tension the art of cooking a little out of the field of view. Judge Mirja Boes was happy about the "breast-shaped bowls" ("Finally, we're talking about quark balls!"). Laura Wontorra, forced actually, as a moderator be impartial, as it was the Look on Verona's skin-tight and deep dekolletiertes gold yellow mini dress as well as in your cooking pot, to form a legendary ambiguous Statement: "Verona balls are beautiful!

All Laura Wontorra. The "stadium girl" and "party beast" (in each case O-Ton Laura), sporty dressed as the doctor's assistant in a sports physio practice, proved to be Hensslers toughest opponent. She was clearly brushed on riot ("I told you last Time, but you're shit is cooked!"), made your sympathies are no secret ("I have put my money this time on the Pomis!") and trashtalkte also kicking, while Steffen to the critical quark balls bruzzelte: "This looks really bad."

Verona: "I go totally in the kitchen!"

So hard with your "boss" treated ("I'm pretty out of the window for the third shipment."), so tenderly you umflötete the Pomis, especially Verona. With good reason: "You were the first celebrity that I met." This made a forever lasting impression: "You're hot, Verona. You're so natural, so in a good mood, is an all purpose weapon, you're so great!" - Laura's Toadying and banter was creamier than the ricotta balls of dough! TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel "You're hot, Verona!" - Spicy confession with "Grill the Henssler"

thanks to Verona's Presence ("I go totally in the kitchen!") the jungle Prince, Ross, and Prince Damien came up a little short. Ross added, but with emotional deposits at and beyond the stove, kiekste, screamed, hampelte, joked, sang and danced, it was a joy (and a nice Widerart to the highly concentrated and latent hectic cooking coach Maximilian Lorenz). Prince enriched to your private Details, the him Laura ("I don't let up in the theme!") from the nose drew: The king of the jungle Dating just Prince at the same time two of the potential Relationship!

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After two shipments in a row for @steffen_henssler YOU finally have a victory for the celebs: @verona.pooth @myprincedamien and @rossantonycom If it works? Sunday at @vox and #grilldenhenssler #hard-harder henssler #veronapooth #Prince Damien #Rossa Tony #great team #cooking #cool

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TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel Teleschau Henssler: "he Who laughs last, laughs best"

And the Jury Christian Rach (Laura: "Like a cookbook: hard on the outside, inside full of wisdom"), Mirja Boes ("I am the voice of the people!") and Reiner "Calli" Calmund ("I love all the kitchens!") for a long time, fiedlich. First and dramaturgically perfect - the Dessert cooked Calli once again against "Bellyacher Rach" on. "You talk and talk, yet can't don't have the right!" Maybe it was the excitement, as Always-still-hard-to-weight of Calli was the "tongue of the balance". Vote Steffen Henssler led the triumph, ultimately, to 23:20-ricotta balls in victory and in order to 91:88-Total. "Well, my little dessert Queen," teased he, Laura Wontorra, the forecast ("of Verona, you win!") wrong was. TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel tele show

While Verona Pooth from the Henssler by stamp was grilled, crawled Laura Wontorra to the cross: "I take back everything I ever said!" The is if of the many gibes from their own youth ("If I have to cook don't know, from Drinking all!") not be possible, but Steffen Henssler took it in its stride: "The classic: he Who laughs last, laughs best!"

Or how Calli say, would end:,, Nicholas!

Thüringen's own way: To Ramelow-push it hails criticism from all sides, FOCUS Online/Wochit Thüringen own way: After Ramelow-push it hails criticism from all sides

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